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Portable barriers offer several advantages over permanently fixed barriers. First and foremost, they can be deployed rapidly for temporary security, then removed just as quickly, leaving little or no evidence of their presence. The Ross XS-2000 Portable Wedge Barrier quickly deploys in less than 15 minutes and is designed for the most challenging locations. Featuring the same heavy-duty operating components and galvanized finish as Ross’s XT-1000 Wedge Barrier, it can easily handle high-traffic entrances while providing years of reliable service.


Design Features

The Ross XS-2000 Portable Wedge Barrier comprises a solid steel base with an integral crash plate that, when raised, acts as a barricade to prevent vehicle access. The unit sits on top of the road surface with no foundation or other anchors required*. And unlike mobile barriers—trailer-mounted units with wheels—portable barriers are designed to give the look and feel of a permanent barrier for a stronger visual deterrent.

Buttresses at each end of the barrier house the hydraulic power unit (HPU) and controls. Power can be supplied from a local source, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), optional solar panels, or any combination thereof. The unit is operated using a standard tethered control pendant or through options such as a wireless remote control, card readers, key switches, or local guard booth control consoles. Normal operation time to raise the plate is 3 seconds.

Because it requires no foundation and is available with multiple options for remote operation, the XS-2000 is ideal for virtually anywhere temporary security is needed, and is particularly suited for:

  • Entrance checkpoints – for screening vehicles or blocking access
  • Quick deployment – for special events or immediate response to increased threat levels
  • Construction entrances – for temporary security or until permanent barriers are installed
  • Surface mounting – where site conditions preclude excavation or where the installation of a permanent barrier is cost prohibitive
  • Sustained deployment – where the unit is in place for several weeks or months (Short-term deployments or constant relocation may make a mobile-style barrier a more practical choice.)
  • Higher security – where an imposing presence and reduced vehicle penetration are desired (as compared to mobile-style barriers)

*Note: One Jersey barrier was placed behind each buttress during the crash test.



Ross’s XS-2000 Portable Wedge Barrier offers a rapid deployment solution for temporary security requirements. Because no foundation or excavation is required, it’s a smart choice for a wide variety of temporary and remote deployment applications including military checkpoints, new construction sites, parking garages, dams, water/wastewater facilities and utilities.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of high-quality, durable vehicle barrier systems. Among our customers are some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of industries including:

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Technical Data

The Ross XS-2000 Portable Wedge Barrier provides DOD crash certified security in a robust product designed for rapid deployment and reliable operation in the most challenging locations. In under 15 minutes, it can be deployed nearly anywhere a threat is expected, with no excavation or foundation required. It can even be positioned directly on soil. Integral lifting eyes on each buttress make it easy to hoist and set in place exactly where you need it.

The robust hydraulic power unit (HPU) uses an efficient 24 VDC, (5) HP direct drive motor. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides approximately 160+ operating cycles per charge. Optional solar panels can power the unit in remote locations. Heavy-duty hydraulic components include double-lip wiper seals, heavy-duty packing glands, oversized ports and internal limit switches to handle high-traffic situations. Plus, heavy-duty galvanizing resists corrosion.

Despite its portability, the XS-2000 has the look and feel of a permanent wedge barrier, providing a strong visual deterrent. Crash test certified to Department of Defense K4/L2 standards, it supplies greater stopping power than typical mobile-style barriers.

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