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Ross develops industrial racking solutions for the lumber industry. We use structural wide-flange I-beams to engineer Dexco® indoor and outdoor cantilever racking for lumber storage. At Ross, we provide standard and custom Dexco racking solutions to meet every client’s storage and safety requirements. Our team can develop lumber racking systems that help you maintain the appropriate storage conditions for your lumber’s species and moisture level.


Safe and Efficient Storage Solutions for the Lumber Industry

Our racking systems for lumber include:

Cantilever Racking

The Dexco cantilever racking system can store materials of practically any weight or dimension due to their custom structural steel design. A typical Dexco cantilever arm can hold loads between 1,000 to 20,000 pounds. At your request, we can also develop systems with higher load requirements. Since we have complete control over the manufacturing process, we can create cantilever systems with ideal dimensions and capacities for lumber.

Outdoor Cantilever Racks for Lumber

Also known as shed racks, Dexco outdoor cantilever racks protect lumber from the elements with a comparable storage capacity to our indoor systems. We offer T-shed, L-shed and drive-thru configurations to accommodate a variety of outdoor storage layouts. A typical Dexco outdoor cantilever arm will support up to 14,000 pounds of weight or higher, depending on your specifications.

Benefits of Structural Lumber Cantilever Racking

Industrial cantilever racks deliver the following benefits for lumber operations:

Accommodates Long, Bulky Materials

Dexco cantilever systems can be configured with as many arms as necessary to hold the length of lumber you require. Since they leave the vertical space between the arms open, our cantilever racks can accommodate lumber of various lengths and sizes within the same system.

Industrial Weight Capacity

Depending on your capacity requirements, you can utilize a standard or custom cantilever system for your lumber storage. Due to the improved weight capacity of steel I-beams over rolled steel, our systems can meet a variety of weight specifications. Our standard cantilever racks will hold up to 10 tons of material, and you can request higher weight accommodations if needed.

Improved Accessibility and Safety

Cantilever systems improve lumber accessibility and safety through a lack of vertical obstructions. Their open faces make it easier and faster for forklifts to load and unload lumber compared to storage systems with vertical components in the front. By decreasing the number of potential collision points during loading and unloading, cantilever lumber systems may also help you reduce related accidents.

Reconfiguration Options Available

We design Dexco cantilever racks with a focus on adjustability and modularity. As your storage requirements change, you can add or remove arms and columns to create the layout you need. You can also reconfigure the arms’ position according to your load size and shape. A standard system’s arms adjust in 4-inch increments and slope at a 2-degree angle. You may also request a custom cantilever rack with arms that slope at steeper angles or that that adjust in 3-inch vertical increments.

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To find the right Dexco system for your company, request a quote online.


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