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Structural Steel Industrial Coil Racks for Safe Storage & Access Solutions

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Industrial Coil Storage Racking Product Overview

Safely storing and accessing metal coils can pose a real challenge. Ross engineers and manufactures giant, structural coil racking systems capable of handling massive loads. And like all of our storage solutions, Dexco® Coil Racks are built with structural steel components for superior quality, strength and durability. So if you’ve been tasked with sourcing a rack system to store 80,000 pound coils stacked four units high, then look to Ross to engineer a coil storage racking solution that meets your needs.


Design Features and Benefits of Dexco Steel Coil Handling Racks

Traditional floor storage of sheet coil takes up space on the manufacturing floor, can lead to costly material damage and can pose a safety hazard to workers. Dexco Industrial Coil Racks provide vertical storage capacity on high-strength shelves, where coils rest securely in customized cradles. This type of storage system offers many advantages including:

Organized, Easy Access

You can use a forklift with boom attachment to easily load and unload coils from your Dexco racking system. When coils are needed, they can be quickly located and pulled, then loaded into machinery without having to change their orientation or be removed from pallets.

Increased Floor Space

Our steel coil racks free up valuable space for your manufacturing operations. They also expand your available storage space for when inventory increases. With more floor space, you will also have better traffic flow throughout your facility.

Reduced Material Damage

Dexco coil storage systems protect coils from creasing and flattening. Each rack stores an individual coil and protects it with cradle-style construction. Two beam ledges hold the coil securely in place. Since each rack leaves room for forklift access, you can easily load and unload coils while keeping them in prime condition.

Improved Worker Safety

A steel coil storage solution helps your staff stay safe during coil handling. Because the coils are stored off of the floor, the potential for safety issues is reduced. Our heavy-duty coil storage racks are built to securely hold coils, minimizing opportunities for improper handling.

I-Beam Construction

Ross Technology is the only industrial coil storage rack manufacturer in the United States to specialize in wide flange I-beam construction. Every column, arm, base and beam consists of heavy-duty I-beams, and our designs meet American Institute of Steel Construction standards.

Modular Design

Each Dexco coil rack has a modular design that allows you to modify and add to your system over time. You can expand or change your existing Dexco system to meet changing storage needs.

Standard and Custom Heavy-Duty Coil Racks Available

Choose from standard designs or custom engineering. Standard designs offer the best value and shortest lead times. Custom racking systems allow for specialized solutions.

Applications for Aluminum and Steel Coil Rack Storage Systems

Many industries store and use steel and aluminum coils. We provide coil storage systems that can hold 80,000 pounds per rack for industries that have high-volume inventories. We fabricate solutions for businesses such as:

  • Steel mills and distributors
  • Aerospace manufacturers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Auto manufacturers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Building material producers
  • Electric utilities

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Technical Data

Dexco Rack Systems are engineered using American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, which were developed to guide the design of large steel structures such as bridges and buildings. The stringent nature of these standards, coupled with Ross Technology’s conservative approach to structural rack design, mean you can be confident that your people and products are safe and secure.

All vertical and horizontal members are manufactured using wide flange beams with a 50 KSI minimum yield, offering greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed steel. As a result, these racks better resist damage from material handling equipment and provide larger load capacity within a given space.

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