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Industrial Storage Racks for Sheetrock, Drywall and Plasterboard

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Sheetrock, plasterboard and drywall panels have sensitive storage requirements that Dexco® structural racking systems can fulfill. Our cantilever racks allow for easy product access and provide uniform support to maintain product quality. Dexco racking provides solutions to the common challenges of storing drywall and plasterboard.


Drywall Cantilever Racks Provide Uniform Support

Manufacturers and distributors need to store drywall panels on a uniform surface with risers between groups of panels to prevent sagging during long-term storage. Dexco cantilever racks provide a flat, stable area that evenly supports palletized plasterboard. Made from structural I-beam steel, our standard cantilever racks can hold up to 20,000 pounds per arm and support heavy pallets of stacked drywall.

Our cantilever racking also accommodates drywall storage that is not palletized through the use of evenly spaced rack arms that provide proper support. We can develop a racking layout that spaces the cantilever arms to meet your drywall storage requirements.


Drywall Storage Off the Floor Prevents Moisture Wicking

Drywall should not lie flat on a concrete floor because water can wick into the panels and cause damage. Dexco racks keep drywall panels off of the ground via the use of multiple vertical tiers. You can specify the number of levels needed for your system in accordance with your inventory requirements and storage constraints. The increased vertical capacity of Dexco racking also helps the user free up floor space for additional storage or wider passageways.


Increased Opportunities for Proper Sheetrock Stacking

Storing palletized or sheet drywall on racks protects panels from damage. We can develop cantilever racking with layouts that maximize storage density while keeping stacks to the industry-recommended 10 panels or fewer. Our custom capabilities also include racks designed to accommodate your material handling equipment.

Custom Designed Drywall Storage Racks

Dexco offers both standard cantilever rack components and custom systems engineered to your specific requirements. Our sales engineers can visit your facility, examine your materials and site conditions, and develop a racking layout that improves your storage density and promotes drywall integrity. Custom capabilities for Dexco storage systems include:

  • Racking built to accommodate your pallet and stack size: A racking system tailored to your pallet or panel dimensions will provide uniform support for your drywall panels and prevent damage. Our engineers will work with you to design a racking system that uniformly distributes the product weight.
  • System and tier dimensions: Our engineers can modify the rack’s bay width and tier height dimensions to match to your drywall panel sizes and specific site constraints. The ability to customize systems allows you to optimize storage density and enable safe stacking.


Learn More About Our Sheetrock and Drywall Storage Systems

Discover our structural steel cantilever racking on its product page. Our cantilever information page includes detailed specifications and a technical resource library to answer your questions about the systems.

For more details about pricing and custom capabilities, request a quote today.

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