industrial storage racks for siding

Industrial Storage Racks For Siding

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Companies that handle and sell siding need to protect their products from moisture, staining and damage during storage by keeping them off the ground and sheltered from the weather. Dexco® racking provides safe storage conditions while holding 20,000 pounds of siding or higher per arm. These warehouse racking systems for siding panels allow you to keep your products dry and improve your site’s storage density. Vinyl siding cantilever and specialty racks from Ross Technology provide several solutions to common storage issues.


High-Capacity Storage Racks for Siding Available

Businesses that work with siding can reduce labor and storage costs by using structural steel Dexco racks to efficiently store products. In siding storage, high weight capacities can help the user improve storage density and optimize their facility space. Dexco cantilever racking holds up to 20,000 pounds or higher per arm, while stanchion racks can be designed to hold high volumes of product. Further custom engineering enables these capacities to increase, resulting in practically unlimited storage capabilities.


Ability to Store Multiple Types of Siding

Companies that handle multiple siding materials can easily sort and store different products in the same Dexco racking system. Our cantilever and specialty racks provide a clear view of each bundle for faster storage and retrieval. Dexco stanchion and cantilever racks also allow the user to store different lengths of siding in the same bay to provide more versatile organization options. Racking systems from Ross Technology can hold siding made from materials such as:

  • Fiber cement
  • Engineered wood
  • Metal
  • Natural wood
  • Vinyl


Indoor and Outdoor Storage Options

With the prevalence of outdoor storage in siding operations, we offer racking systems suited to both inside and outside conditions:

  • Indoor: Our stanchion and standard cantilever racks are designed to hold siding bundles and packages in indoor locations. Stanchion racks consist of floor-level dividers that lift long and bulky items off the ground and enable efficient horizontal storage. Standard Dexco cantilever racks feature steel I-beam arms and open vertical layouts for efficient material handling.
  • Outdoor: Dexco shed racking includes all of the benefits of our indoor cantilever racks with the addition of metal roof that reduces weather exposure. Our outdoor rack systems come in T-shed and L-shed configurations to accommodate your site specifications.


Custom Engineering for Your Site and Materials

If you have site-specific requirements or want to increase your rack system’s durability, Ross Technology engineers can develop a custom warehouse rack for your siding. Our custom capabilities include modifications to:

  • Weight capacity: In operations that demand high storage density or storage of particularly heavy siding, we can manufacture a system that goes beyond our standard weight capacities.
  • System and tier dimensions: We can modify the dimensions of your overall system, bays or tiers to accommodate the size of your siding.
  • Steel finish: You may request a hot-dip galvanized coating for your racking to improve the system’s corrosion protection and weather resistance.


Discover Our Industrial Racks for Storing Siding

For more information about our structural I-beam cantilever racksoutdoor shed racking systems and specialty stanchion racks, visit their respective product pages.

To inquire about our pricing and custom capabilities, please request a quote.


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