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Industrial Storage for Bar Stock and Steel Bars

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High-Strength Steel Racks with Durability & Flexibility for the Heaviest Stocks

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Metal manufacturers and distributors of bar stock require industrial racks that exceed typical weight capacities of commercially available storage systems. Dexco® structural I-beam racking, engineered and manufactured by Ross, comes in several standard configurations suitable for steel bar storage, with custom designs available to meet unique needs. At Ross, we can develop a racking system that securely holds bar stock inventory with provisions for additional capacity.  Dexco steel bar storage racks can enhance your storage operations with the following benefits:


Weight Capacity of Up to 20,000 Pounds per Arm or Higher

The high volume of steel bars produced in a commercial setting demands storage with a high weight capacity.  Dexco racks feature structural steel I-beams that store as much as 20,000 pounds of bar stock per cantilever arm or 80,000 pounds per shelf. Depending on your requirements, we can develop a custom racking system with an even higher capacity to increase storage density and save floor space in your facility.


Multiple Racking Configurations Available

Storage and retrieval procedures differ between facilities that use metal bars.  To provide the greatest possible flexibility in bar stock storage, we offer cantilever, stanchion and wide-span racks that can accommodate steel bars:

  • Cantilever racks: Cantilever racks have open faces and high capacities that make them suitable for materials that are transported with material handling equipment. Dexco cantilever racks can hold 20,000 pounds or more of bar stock per arm. In addition to our standard indoor cantilever systems, we offer outdoor cantilever racking in shed-style configurations to protect stock from the weather.
  • Stanchion racks: Stanchion racks enable efficient floor storage through the use of structural steel dividers.  Reconfigurable posts allow the user to organize bar stock horizontally on a single level, making this racking style ideal for manual storage and retrieval.
  • Wide-span racks: Some clients who store bar stock use our wide-span die racks. Our engineers can customize our die racks to your specifications for tiers, vertical dividers and overall dimensions to accommodate your storage operations.


Suitable for Long and Bulky Loads

Typically manufactured in long lengths but still flexible and bulky to handle, bar stock can be difficult to store on typical commercial racking. Cantilever, stanchion and wide-span racking from Ross can accommodate long loads of various shapes, enabling efficient metal bar storage and retrieval.


Expanded Storage Space Through Vertical Bar Stock Storage Racks

In operations where floor space is at a premium, the implementation of cantilever and wide-span racks can increase a company’s vertical storage capacity.  Many of these systems can store four or more levels of bar stock.


Learn More About Our Structural Steel Bar Stock Storage Racks

Visit the product pages for our structural steel cantilever racksoutdoor cantilever shed rackswide-span die racking systems and specialty stanchion racks for more information about each system.

To learn more about our custom capabilities and pricing, please request a quote.


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