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Effective sheet metal storage must account for the material’s bulkiness, weight and flexibility while enabling the user to load and unload material safely. Dexco® cantilever racks are designed to provide metal service centers, manufacturers and fabricators with maximum storage density, even load distribution and ample space between stacks for optimal safety and flexibility. Manufactured by Ross using I-beam construction, these cantilever racks deliver value-added features and significant advantages over roll-formed rack.


Load Capacity of 20,000 Pounds per Arm or Higher

In sheet metal storage, high loading capacities translates into the freeing up of floor space for additional manufacturing equipment or inventory. Cantilever sheet metal racks from Ross are engineered using AISC standards for buildings and bridges and, therefore, are capable of supporting higher weight capacities than racks manufactured with roll formed or tube steel. Our standard cantilever designs hold between 2,000 lbs and 20,000 pounds per arm, and we can increase that capacity through custom engineering.

Standard and Shed Configurations Available

Depending on the type of forklift you use, manufacturers and distributors that utilize indoor and outdoor storage can request cantilever systems specific to their work environments. These rack configurations optimize storage based on your site layout and conditions. We offer two categories of cantilever racking:

  • Standard (indoor): Our standard cantilever racks have an optimized layout for long, bulky materials like sheet metal due to their open faces and lack of vertical dividers. They give material handling equipment such as forklifts easy access to stored loads because of this unique layout.
  • Shed (outdoor): Dexco shed racks feature all of the benefits of our indoor cantilever racks with added shelter provided by a metal roof system. Our outdoor cantilever systems come in T-shed and L-shed configurations to optimize your outside storage space.


Expanded Floor Space Through Vertical Sheet Metal Storage Racks

Sheet metal businesses without sufficient vertical storage space often resort to storing their materials on a single level. By increasing the number of vertical storage levels, these companies can free up floor space for additional storage or additional production equipment. Dexco cantilever racks maximize vertical storage area through multiple adjustable levels, allowing you to improve the storage efficiency in your facility.


Efficient Organization, Storage and Retrieval

Without a high-capacity or easy-to-access sheet metal storage system, your company’s inventory may be difficult to efficiently organize. The robust load capacities and open layouts of our cantilever racks facilitate organization, storage and retrieval. These features allow you to store large quantities of sheet metal on the same rack for easy access. Our racking’s lack of vertical dividers also enables you to store items of different lengths in the same bay for maximum convenience.


Increased Opportunities for Facility Safety

Improperly stored sheet metal can pose an increased risk of product damage or worker injury, making it essential to invest in a high-quality racking system. Dexco racks allow for stable stacking and clearly defined facility passageways. These benefits can reduce the risk of collision with sheet metal’s sharp edges.


Find Out More About Dexco Steel Sheet Cantilever Racks

Learn about our structural I-beam cantilever racks and outdoor shed racking systems on their feature pages.

For more information about our pricing and custom capabilities, request a quote online.

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