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At Ross, we engineer structural steel racking systems for the storage of industrial materials such as steel plates. Our Dexco® racking systems use wide-flange, 50 KSI I-beams that provide a superior weight capacity to rolled steel. Ross engineers can develop custom steel plate rack plans for your business to help you optimize your storage operations.


Safe and Efficient Cantilever Racking for Steel Plates

Due to its high weight capacity, we recommend structural steel cantilever racking for many steel plate storage applications. Our standard cantilever racks can hold up to 20,000 pounds per arm and higher, making them ideal for industrial-weight loads like steel plate. We have total control over our racking manufacturing process, meaning that we can meet your unique specifications for steel plate storage as well as product retrieval.

Benefits of Structural Racks for Steel Plate Storage

Dexco cantilever racks provide the following advantages for storing steel plates:

Virtually Limitless Weight and Size Capacity

Because of our custom manufacturing capabilities, we can meet high capacity requirements for steel plate storage. Custom Dexco cantilever racks can exceed our standard 20,000-pound limit for applications involving high-capacity storage. Our engineers can develop a system with as many arms as you need to accommodate your plate size.

Custom-Engineered Bays and Arms for Steel Plate Storage

During the custom engineering process, our team can also design arms and bays that optimize your steel plate storage. We have experience with developing rack systems for a wide range of industrial materials, including steel plate. If you request a custom system, our engineers will also discuss your storage goals with you to determine the appropriate arm intervals.

Improved Accessibility

Our cantilever racks feature wide, open rows that can facilitate your employees’ loading and unloading process. We can develop racking that accommodates the equipment that you use during storage and retrieval. By providing the space your employees need for faster and easier unloading, our cantilever systems also save you time. This increased efficiency in your storage operations can help you save on labor costs through faster material organization.

Material Protection

Ross engineers design Dexco cantilever racks to make materials accessible to equipment while limiting the chance of accidental impact. The layout of a cantilever rack, coupled with the use of durable structural steel in its construction, can reduce the likelihood of accidental damage to the steel plates during loading and unloading. Because of reduced material damage, product quality is increased and scrap costs are reduced.

Modularity and Reconfiguration Options

Cantilever racks from Ross have a modular and reconfigurable design to change with your storage goals. You can add more bays when you need to increase your storage capacity after installation of your Dexco system. Our cantilever systems also have adjustable arms that you can rearrange to store steel plate of different widths.


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