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Structural Steel Warehouse Racks for Flooring

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With flooring products reaching 12 feet in length or longer, distributors and manufacturers can benefit from Ross’s customizable racking solutions. Structural steel warehouse racks for flooring can help businesses meet the challenges of storing long, heavy and bulky products. Dexco® racking systems from Ross can accommodate different material widths and shapes in the same system, making them ideal for commercial flooring storage. Flooring manufacturers and distributors depend on our cantilever, shed, wide span and specialized rack systems for flexible and durable storage.

Industrial-Grade Weight Capacities

A rack or shelf of flooring rolls or materials can reach several tons in high-volume storage, requiring the 20,000-pound and higher capacities of Dexco racking. Our industrial racking for flooring distribution centers and manufacturers includes structural steel cantilever, wide span and stanchion racks. Dexco systems feature wide-flange, steel I-beams that enable our cantilever racks to hold up to 20,000 pounds of flooring per arm. Meanwhile, our wide span racking can hold 80,000 pounds or more per level, and floor-level stanchion racks can accommodate large amounts of material.


Suitability for Products of Different Shapes, Sizes and Weights

The diverse shapes and sizes of flooring products often require systems like Dexco racking that can hold different item lengths in the same structure. Dexco racking can accommodate carpet rolls, vinyl, hardwood planks and other flooring items according to your specifications. Our custom capabilities and specialized storage systems enable businesses to store flooring of varying shapes, sizes and weights in the same bay or facility. We can develop racking to your product or material specifications by customizing features such as weight capacity or arm tilt.


Reconfiguration for Changes in Demand and Inventory

The reconfigurable layouts of Dexco racks can help your business adapt to the flooring industry’s ever-changing demands and trends. Each of our racking systems has a modular design that enables the user to add new bays as necessary. Features such as reconfigurable arms and relocatable shelves allow facilities to change their storage system layouts. With a Dexco system, you can modify your racking configuration to hold new products that may be of different shapes and sizes than your previous inventory.


Custom Options for Automated Storage and Retrieval

The rapid fulfillment speed required by today’s economy provides an incentive for flooring businesses to use automation in their warehouses. We can customize our cantilever racking to accommodate automated storage and retrieval, enabling you to optimize your AS/RS efficiency.


Space Optimization for Difficult-to-Store Products

By increasing your warehouse’s vertical storage capacity, you can create more floor space for additional storage or operations. Cantilever flooring racks lack vertical dividers, enabling you to store various lengths of planks or rolls on the same level, while Dexco stanchion racks store carpet rolls, large tiles and other items that require vertical positioning. The open, large racks of wide span Dexco racks are a versatile option for storing almost any type of flooring product.

Learn More About Dexco Flooring Rack Systems

Discover our structural steel cantilever racking, outdoor cantilever shed racks, wide span racks, and specialized stanchion racks by visiting their product pages.

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