M50 P1 Post & Beam Fence: XL-501 / RSS-F501D anti ram fencing

M50 P1 Post & Beam Fence: XL-501 / RSS-F501D

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High Security Anti-Ram Fencing & Barriers for Perimeter Protection at High-Risk Facilities

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Anti-ram fencing safeguards high-risk facilities that require complete perimeter protection against vehicle-borne attacks. These anti-ram barrier systems provide maximum security for buildings, equipment and hazardous materials vulnerable to high-speed impacts or in close proximity to roadways. The XL-501 Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence is a proven high-security vehicle barrier delivering vehicle-stopping strength with an innovative design that reduces overall costs, simplifies installation and improves visual appeal.

US Patent Numbers: 9,347,191 and 9,435,088
GCC Patent Number: GC0009445

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Design Features

The XL-501 Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence was engineered to be extremely simple and efficient in terms of the materials required to arrest vehicle impact and the effort required for construction. In fact, each fence section is made up of a surprisingly small number of components – (1) nut and bolt assembly, (2) posts, (1) top cap, (10) rebar sticks and shim plates (as needed).

Constructed from heavy-duty structural steel, this unique system utilizes a single tubular beam with patented, energy-absorbing technology that enables the vertical posts to be set on 30-foot centers. This design feature eliminates the need for multiple intermediate posts and cable runs used in traditional anti-ram fence products. The top cap secures the horizontal crash beam and protects the post from the elements. It is secured with a single nut and bolt. The rebar (supplied by Ross) is installed directly into posts; separate rebar cages are not required.

Ross Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence accommodates a wide range of inherent site considerations, including layout and terrain changes. The heavy-duty galvanizing and optional epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat provide a high-quality, durable finish that withstands the elements. And the high-strength tubing does not require initial or ongoing tensioning. Because it offers so much flexibility, this anti-ram fence is ideal for a variety of conditions such as:

  • High-threat facilities – where the entire perimeter necessitates anti-ram defense
  • Access control points – alongside vehicle barriers to increase the level of protection for adjacent areas also vulnerable to vehicle impact
  • Perimeters with minimal setbacks – where immediate stopping power is critical
  • Urban and corporate settings – where visual appeal is an important consideration
  • Upgrades for existing fencing – chain link, ornamental and other natural barriers can easily be upgraded to meet higher threat requirements


Traditional chain link and ornamental fences are not designed to thwart vehicle attacks. Highway cable barrier systems are engineered primarily to withstand a glancing impact. The XL-501 offers crash-test certified, truck-stopping strength for a head-on impact from a vehicle traveling perpendicular to the line of the fence.

Whether used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with new or existing anti-pedestrian fencing, the Ross XL-501 is a smart solution for adding anti-ram level protection to the perimeters of high-risk facilities such as data centers, refineries, chemical plants, utility stations, military bases, and airports.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of high-quality, durable vehicle barrier systems. Among our customers are some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of areas including:

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Technical Data

Ross Post and Beam Anti-Ram Fence uses a single, clear-span tubular beam with vertical posts set on 30-foot centers. It’s engineered to reduce material and installation costs by eliminating the need for intermediate posts, foundations and multiple runs of wire rope. The horizontal beams can be set quickly and easily with a backhoe, digger derrick truck, excavator, skid loader or boom truck.

Post hardware is limited to a single nut and bolt and shim plates. Post foundations, measuring 36 inches wide by 78 inches deep, are also designed to reduce costs. And because the rebar is integrated directly with the posts and provided by Ross, contractors don’t have to provide or construct separate rebar cages for the foundations.

As a result, you get a secure fence that is aesthetically pleasing, visibly imposing and cost effective. And given that most facility perimeters are substantial in size, the savings can be significant.

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