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Shed Racks

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Space-Efficient Storage Configurations in High-Density Covered Buildings for Expansive Construction Materials

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Dexco™ Shed Racks provide the structural foundation for high-density, covered buildings used to store expansive construction materials such as lumber, roofing and siding. Extremely space-efficient, they allow for easy storage, organization and access, while reducing material damage and loss due to weather exposure. Shed Racks can easily be utilized for a wide range of products and are available in T-shed, L-shed and drive-thru configurations.


Design Features

Dexco Shed Racks are designed and manufactured for select distributors, who incorporate them into their own turnkey canopy systems. These systems are typically comprised of structural steel racking, truss beams and metal roof decking. Truss widths are engineered to meet site- specific requirements and arm configurations are available with 3, 4, or 5 levels of storage or more. Contact Ross for information on a distributor in your area.

Shed Rack Systems offer many advantages including:

  • Protection – Excellent solution for protecting valuable inventory susceptible to weather damage
  • Efficiency – Systems make good use of limited space and are cost effective, particularly when used along property and building lines, or anywhere drive-thru buildings won’t fit
  • Flexibility – The lack of front columns means no restrictions on the length of items stored. Different-length objects or oddly sized items can be placed within the same rack system
  • Accessibility – Because there are no vertical obstructions at the face of the rack, loading and unloading product is quick and easy
  • Adjustability – Bolted connections allow for easy adjustment of arms to accommodate a wide variety of load heights
  • Modularity – Easy to add onto when needed and can be installed in stages if desired (racks first, then canopies)
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Technical Data

Dexco Rack Systems are engineered using American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, which were developed to guide the design of large steel structures such as bridges and buildings. The stringent nature of these standards, coupled with Ross Technology’s conservative approach to structural rack design, mean you can be confident that your people and products are safe and secure.

All vertical and horizontal members are manufactured using wide flange beams with a 50 KSI minimum yield, offering greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed steel. As a result, these racks better resist damage from material handling equipment and provide larger load capacity within a given space.

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