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(XL-2200) Heald Raptor
PAS 68 Shallow Mount Fixed Bollard

Tested as a single unit, the Fixed Raptor can be used as a stand-alone bollard or part of an array of multiple units. The 8” (200mm) deep foundation and structural frame with integrated rebar make it extremely easy to install.

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(XL-2500/2600) Heald Mantis
PAS 68 / IWA 14-1 Shallow Mount Fixed Bollards

Designed with a unique shape for contemporary style and architectural appeal, the Mantis offers a higher crash rating than the Fixed Raptor while still providing a shallow excavation depth of only 10” (250mm) and structural frame with integrated rebar.

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(XL-20 Series)
K12 & K4 Fixed and Removable Bollards

Available in multiple paint finishes or with cast stainless, aluminum and bronze sleeves, the XL-20 Bollard Series provides Department of State tested protection along with the ability to complement the surrounding environment.

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