Bullet- and Forced Entry-Resistant Doors

High-security doors from Ross Technology provide the highest level of commercially-available protection against forced entry and ballistic threats. Choose from a variety of premium finishes, architectural claddings and stylish hardware for protection that doesn’t compromise beauty.

Technical Information

We test and certify our high-security doors to Department of State (DOS) Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended) and other well-known test methods. The result is a family of standard products that provides protection against some of the highest level forced-entry and ballistic threats typically identified for commercial, industrial and government facilities.

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) Doors

At Ross Technology, we create DOS-certified forced entry and ballistic resistant doors from structural steel coupled with creative designs. Depending on the option you choose, your FEBR security door will be developed to withstand five, 15 or 60 minutes of mob attack. Our 15-minute and 60-minute FE-resistant models resist 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855 and 7.62 M80 ballistic rounds.

UL 752 Doors

Some Ross security doors have also been tested in accordance with UL 752 Level 8, the highest non-armor-piercing, rifle-level test standard testing that is typically specified. The term “bulletproof door” is a misnomer, as there may always be a “bigger bullet,” but Ross doors are developed to provide the highest level of protection against commonly available rifle rounds.

Ross Technology 5.15 Minute Doors

High Security Doors – DOS 5/15 Minute FE/BR

DOS certified steel systems tested to withstand five or 15 minutes of simulated “mob” attack. 15 minute models are also certified for rifle-level ballistic rounds. Hardware includes automatic multi-point or two manually thrown locks for exceptional strength and durability. Options consist of various single or double leaf configurations and vision or opaque panels.

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Ross Technology Maximum Security Doors DOS 60 Minute FE/BR & Fire

Maximum Security Doors – DOS 60 Minute FE/BR & Fire

DOS certified steel systems tested to withstand 60 minutes of simulated ”mob” attack and rifle-level ballistic rounds. Door leaves are opaque and include three manually thrown locks for exceptional strength and durability. Options include single or double leaf configurations, a 180 minute ANSI/UL 10B fire rating, and UL 752 level 8 ballistic performance.

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Benefits of Our Bullet-Resistant Doors

Architects and end users specify Ross Technology steel security doors for a variety of reasons:

Anti-Terrorism Level Security

Industries with high security needs often require conformance to DOS or UL 752 standards for ballistic resistance and forced entry. Professionals in these sectors can use Ross security doors to protect their spaces and stay compliant. Other industries can also benefit from the uncompromising protection provided by Ross doors.


Factory-tested security hardware and structural steel construction with a hot-dip-galvanized finish ensure Ross security doors are a durable choice. Thanks to their high-grade hardware and detail-oriented assembly, our security doors have low maintenance needs throughout their long life cycles.

Ease of Operation

All of our door hinges meet ANSI/BHMA A156.1 standards for high performance, cycling over 1.5 million times on a Ross door with virtually no wear. As a result, our security doors require only very low pull forces to open during everyday use.

Design Customization

You can match your security door’s appearance to adjacent construction with customizable cladding and trim options. Security doors with windows can be fabricated with various glazing sizes, shapes and configurations for wide design flexibility.

Architectural Beauty

High quality door finishes, coupled with replaceable trim that hides the doors’ reinforced steel frames, ensure that every Ross Technology security door not only complements current architectural styles but easily adapts to future design trends.

Security Door Applications and Industries

Ross security doors’ multiple design options make them adaptable for many applications where forced-entry threats are a possibility. Ross doors protect control rooms, mission-critical spaces, executive offices, guard houses and virtually any other location that requires high levels of protection. Our high-security and maximum security doors find use in these industries:

  • Government
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Learn More About Ross Bullet- and Forced Entry-Resistant Doors

Allow our representatives to help you find the right architectural security solution for your business or organization. We welcome you to request a quote online for more information.