Coil Racks

The Advantages of Coil Rack Storage for Metal Stamping Operations

When it comes to storing heavy and expensive materials like coils, choosing the right rack storage method is crucial. Traditional floor storage of sheet coil takes up space on the… MORE >

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Dexco Product Design Guide

While our industrial racking specialists are here to help custom-build a steel racking solution based on your warehouse or facility raw material storage needs, our product design guide is packed… MORE >

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Ross Technology Dexco Widespan Industrial Storage Racking for Phoenix Metals
Case Study – Safe Coil Storage and Improved Inventory Control for Phoenix Metals

Dealing with storage constraints and inventory damage are common problems facing many industrial companies. To overcome these challenges, Phoenix Metals determined that placing the coils in vertical rack systems could resolve the storage and damage issues.

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Dexco™ Coil Storage System - Widespan
Case Study – Efficient Coil Storage for Increased Throughput

Safely storing and accessing extremely heavy metal coils can pose a real challenge. Moving into a new 140,000 square foot facility, NHI wanted to take advantage of the vertical space their new building provided. Ross designs and manufactures Dexco® structural coil racking systems capable of handling these massive loads.

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Dexco™ Heavy Duty Wide Span Racks for Henderson Stamping and Production, Inc
Case Study – Organized and Safe Storage for Henderson Stamping’s Steel Coils

Henderson Stamping was experiencing issues in locating metal coils and inefficient operations, so their Lean Manufacturing Engineer contacted Ross, the manufacturer of Dexco® racks, to assist in the creation of storage solutions for its facility.

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indoor and outdoor cantilever racking
Case Study – Safe Storage for Raynor’s Heavy Coils and Steel Headplates

Raynor often fabricates their own equipment, manufacturing fixtures, and even storage racks. The company recently conducted a safety and efficiency study on racking used to store raw materials, with findings revealing that advancements were possible in utilization of floor space, material handling efficiency, safety, and vertical storage capabilities.

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