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Dexco® stack racks feature structural channel and tube steel construction in a stackable storage configuration. Ross can develop a stacking rack system for practically any load length, size or weight that’s able to be moved by your material handling equipment. Our stack racks increase vertical storage space through the use of high capacity modules that easily stack in multiple vertical levels.


Design Features

A Dexco stack rack system consists of individually positioned steel racks that allow for high storage density. Their versatile design makes them a popular choice for storing a wide range of products and materials. The advantages of integrating Dexco racks into your facility include:

  • Mobility: Unlike fixed rack systems, individual stack racks can easily be repositioned, moved throughout the facility, or used for shipping to customers.
  • Suitable for bulky items:  Dexco systems such as stacking racks can hold bulky and oversize items more effectively than traditional pallets. You can specify rack dimensions that efficiently hold furniture, lumber, doors, windows, tires, roofing material, textiles and other difficult-to-store objects.
  • Easy organization, storage and retrieval: Stack racks compartmentalize items, enabling the owner to sort storage by section. Ross can customize Dexco stack racking to integrate into your operations for efficient storage and retrieval.
  • Modularity: The stackable design of Dexco stack racks allows the owner to expand racks vertically or horizontally after installation. This design allows our racking systems to adapt to increasing storage requirements or customer demand.
  • Adaptable to material handling equipment: Ross engineers can design your stack racking to integrate with your material handling equipment. With a custom-built system, racking layout and spacing can easily be adjusted. Additionally, stack rack transport carts can be designed to move unused or full racks throughout your facility.

Applications for Dexco Industrial Stacking Racks

The versatile format of a stack rack storage system makes it suitable for a wide range of materials and products. Businesses in manufacturing, distribution and consumer goods utilize stack racks for items such as:


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