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Dexco® Heavy-Duty Racking Systems

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Dexco racking systems feature designs engineered to ensure the secure storage of industrial materials.

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Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving Manufactured to Your Specifications

Our custom structural steel storage racks suit high-weight applications in warehousing, manufacturing and heavy industry. At Ross Technology, we custom-make every Dexco® racking system. Our experts will manufacture each rack to your required specifications. Typically, our cantilever racks hold up to 20,000 pounds per arm, and our coil and die racks support 20,000 to 80,000 pounds per shelf. Our engineers can also develop systems for higher load requirements.


Benefits of Dexco Heavy-Duty Racks for Storage

By investing in high-capacity Dexco racking systems, your business will benefit from optimized floor space, secure material storage, and modular construction to facilitate future growth. The following advantages differentiate our solutions from those of our competitors:

Created for Heavy Materials and Products

Each of our racks has a design centered around the storage of large and heavy industrial materials. Typically, our cantilever systems support loads ranging from 1,000 pounds up to 20,000 pounds per individual arm, and coil storage systems support 2,000 pounds up to 80,000 pounds per tier. You need only provide your specifications and our engineers can design a system that accommodates your needs for storage capacity and space.

Specialized Engineering

Industries with unique needs in manufacturing, salvage and the supply chain use Dexco racks for applications specific to their sector. Our selection of heavy duty storage racks include:


Custom Capabilities

Our team offers a wide range of order options to deliver a system that integrates into your workflow. We can design a unique layout and configuration that hold your materials safely and effectively.

I-Beam Construction

Ross Technology is the only company in the United States to use wide flange I-beams in all racking construction. This design approach leads to unparalleled weight capacity and durability.

Efficient Use of Space and Storage

Allow our engineers to design an industrial racking system that maximizes your use of space. We can deliver custom solutions that will streamline your operations and improve your overall efficiency.


We develop each industrial racking system with your future needs in mind. Dexco racks have modular designs that enable you to easily integrate modifications or additions as your business grows.

Dexco Heavy-Duty Storage Rack Applications

Industrial businesses use our robust racks for storing heavy and specialized loads such as raw materials, tooling, industrial supplies and vehicles. Applications for Dexco industrial racks include:

  • Steel production and distribution
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Lumber production and distribution
  • Building material storage, manufacturing and distribution
  • Durable goods such as appliances, vehicles and furniture
  • Aluminum extrusion production and distribution
  • Salvage recycling

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