As a custom fabricator, Ross is certainly familiar with special requests. So, when long-time customer, Consolidated Edison, needed unique grating assemblies in front of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – designing a solution was easy.

The application called for three much longer than normal sections of ADA compliant grating assemblies measuring 4’ wide x 22’ long. Ross engineers modified Consolidated Edison’s typical one-piece welded structural frame design to meet the new length requirement and handle loading conditions over a much larger unsupported area.

Galvanized grating panels were fastened to the frame with tamper resistant hardware and locking devices. The grating panels featured a welded bar design with 1/8” thick bars on 5/8” centers yielding a 1/2” opening space to meet ADA guidelines for accessible design. The frame included a concrete infill around the entire margin.

ALGRIP™ technology was applied to the bar grating to create a slip-resistant surface. ALGRIP was developed by Ross and utilizes a patented CNC laser deposition process in which custom-alloy deposits are applied to a substrate in a highly precise and uniform pattern. The superior bond strength of these welded deposits not only increases the useful product life, but also allows nearly any type of onsite fabrication without compromising the traction-providing surface.