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ALGRIP Risk/Reward Analysis

The risk-reward calculation for safety flooring generally starts with common diamond (checker) floor plate. It provides very low COF’s and therefore offers little or no safety when wet, oily or dusty. While the initial low cost is tempting, the risk and true cost can be quite high.

Floors that have been treated with textured liquid coatings or adhesive-adhered products offer a fair level of safety when initially installed, but they often require continuous and costly maintenance. When subjected to wear, they can quickly deteriorate.

Flame-sprayed coatings provide only a surface treatment. While they provide good slip-resistance, fabrication can be problematic. They also present major cleaning problems because of the many cavities on the surface. When you invest in ALGRIP® Slip-Resistant Products, you have selected a safety-flooring surface that is superior in all aspects and wins the risk/reward competition hands down. Employees and employers are provided the highest level of protection from slips and falls.

ALGRIP Risk/Reward Analysis

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