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Your Best Investment in Safety

For over 40 years, ALGRIP Slip-Resistant Products have provided safe walking and working surfaces in a variety of industries where dusty, oily or wet environments create hazardous conditions. Developed by Ross Technology, ALGRIP is an innovative product that offers unparalleled durability, superior traction, low maintenance and trouble-free fabrication.

ALGRIP is manufactured through a patented, CNC laser-welding process in which more than a thousand rugged, custom-alloy slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of the substrate. This exclusive application process provides unparalleled slip-resistance in all directions and ensures that each laser deposit becomes a permanent part of the substrate.

ALGRIP products are available in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, in various grades and alloys, which allows Ross to offer a slip-resistant product for practically any application. Compare ALGRIP to other slip-resistant flooring and you’ll see why it’s the best investment in safety.

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Your Best Investment in Safety

Unparalleled Durability

When selecting safety flooring, the true life cycle is determined by the durability of the slip-resistant features of the walking surface. That’s exactly where the ALGRIP technology shines through. Our ALGRIP process permeates well below the exterior skin of the substrate to provide maximum slip resistance over an unsurpassed service life.

Through Ross’s patented CNC laser deposition process, custom-alloy, slip-resistant laser deposits are welded to the substrate. Laboratory tested, these welds penetrate deeply below the surface, yielding a far superior bond as compared to flame-spray and brush-on coatings that adhere at the surface level.

The resulting bond strength, combined with the deposition hardness, provides unparalleled durability regardless of wear or abrasion. Under repetitious pedestrian and vehicular traffic, these deposits provide continuous, safe, effective service.

Unparalleled Durability

Superior Traction

According to OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips and falls constitute a large percentage of compensable workplace injuries and lost employee time. Spiraling costs for work related injuries include lost productivity, medical expenses, increased workers compensation insurance premiums and disability payments. Often these injuries involve claims for shoulder, neck and back, which are painful and lingering for employees and employers alike.

Because ALGRIP’s unique laser deposition process provides more than a thousand gripping points to each square foot of product, you can rest assured that you’ve invested in the most advanced slip resistance technology on the market, reducing the risk for everyone involved.

Need something special? Ross can modify the application pattern and size of the laser deposits to meet your specific requirements.

Superior Traction

Low Maintenance

ALGRIP is virtually maintenance free, requiring little more than proper cleaning of dirt and debris from the flooring. The flat, smooth area between the ALGRIP laser deposits allows for easy cleaning and eliminates surface cavities that are prone to debris build-up. You’ll spend less time and money maintaining your flooring products while keeping personnel safely on their feet.

ALGRIP products are easily cleaned with:

  • Pressure washing
  • Sweeping / vacuuming
  • Scrub brush (for stubborn to remove stains)
  • Cleaning agents (appropriate for substrate)
Low Maintenance

Trouble-Free Fabrication

The superior bond strength of ALGRIP’s laser depositions allows nearly any type of fabrication without affecting the traction-providing surface. The following processes can safely be performed on ALGRIP products without any risk of peeling, flaking or delamination.

  • Punching and Drilling – ALGRIP is easily punched or drilled to accommodate fastening devices or bolted installations where the plate is required to be removable.
  • Welding – Top and bottom surfaces can be welded without damaging slip-resistant properties.
  • Forming – The excellent adhesion of the skid-resistant deposits allows for clean forming of the plate without cracking or delaminating the traction surface.
  • Countersinking – Common metalworking tools can be used to countersink the ALGRIP substrate. Countersunk fastening eliminates potential tripping hazards created by protruding fasteners.
  • Shearing – Substrates can be sheared to size without damage.
  • Flame Cutting – Intricate or radial cuts are easily accomplished using oxygen-acetylene, laser or plasma gas cutting tools without worry of deposit delamination.
Trouble Free Fabrication