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Improving Public Safety

Ross Safety Works Products provide safe access for pedestrian and vehicle traffic in workplace and public environments through forward thinking and highly durable designs—all with a commitment to provide the same level of technical support and responsiveness we’ve been known for since 1962.

Our patented ALGRIP® Slip-Resistant Metal Flooring Products are engineered to exceed industry standards, providing superior traction and longevity in demanding industrial and commercial environments. Infrastructure Access Solutions is comprised of ADA and AASHTO compliant Vault Covers, Doors and Louvers custom manufactured for public utilities, mass transit authorities and state DOT’s.

All of these products are manufactured with advanced, automated machinery and certified, skilled tradesmen to minimize costs and ensure quality. This attention to detail, along with a highly responsive and experienced technical support staff keeps customers coming back.


Ross Technology Improving Public Safety

Advanced Design

Progressive thinking, along with a focus on manufacturing highly robust products, has earned Ross an excellent reputation in the safety products industry. Because our products are often used in high traffic and potentially hazardous locations, we engineer them to provide the utmost in safety and service life.

ALGRIP Slip-Resistant products utilize a patented, CNC laser-welding process in which more than a thousand rugged, custom-alloy slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of the substrate. This exclusive application process provides unparalleled slip-resistance in all directions and ensures that each laser deposit becomes a permanent part of the substrate.

We also work closely with our customers to develop new designs that enhance product functionality. A recent example involved creating a Baffled Vault Cover with an offset ventilation pattern to restrict debris from falling on transformers and causing damage.

Ross Technology Advanced Design

Responsive Support

Fast acting and experienced technical support are at the core of our approach to good customer service. We understand the importance of turning around quotes, RFI’s and deliveries in a timely manner and make it a point to understand your business. Our experienced technical staff can work with you to determine the right products for your application and guide you through important fabrication and installation details.

Ross has built many long-term customer relationships over the years and takes great pride in a high level of repeat business. We’ve helped thousands of companies and organizations build safer environments for their employees and the people they serve. Our list of satisfied customers spans many diverse industries including power generation, telecommunications, aerospace, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Safety Works Customers

Ross Technology Responsive Support

Specialty Manufacturing

Ross offers a full range of custom fabrication capabilities in more than a quarter million square feet of production space. With more than 50 years of experience and the latest in metal fabrication technology, we can produce the products you need on time and on budget. Infrastructure Access Solutions Products are custom fabricated to our customer’s specifications. ALGRIP Flooring Products can include a number of value-added services such as punching, drilling, countersinking, shearing and forming.

Over the years, we’ve manufactured a wide variety of custom products ranging from specialized Metal Safety Flooring for food processors to proprietary Transformer Vault Covers for public utilities. Regardless of your business, we’re always looking for a challenge, so give us a call and tell us how we can support your efforts.

Ross Technology Specialty Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Quality

Ross is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, which assures that we adhere to the business world’s most exacting standards for quality manufacturing, and that quality is consistently improved on. Our manufacturing processes include the use of highly automated equipment to ensure consistent, first-rate products. And because all primary fabrication and assembly is done in house, Ross has real control over product quality. Most importantly, we’re proud of the team of manufacturing professionals who average over 20 years of history at the company, offering great experience and dedication to their craft.

Ross Technology ISO 9001 Quality
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