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Fixed and removable bollards are designed to restrict vehicle access while allowing pedestrians and bicycles to pass through freely. Both aesthetically pleasing and durable, Ross Fixed and Removable Bollards are fabricated with heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized structural steel and are available in numerous configurations and finishes.


Design Features

Ross Fixed and Removable Bollards consist of an array of (3) or more units spaced on fixed centers. Each bollard is constructed of 10-3/4” (273 mm) or 8-5/8” (220 mm) structural steel pipe, which is hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. Multiple paint finishes or cast stainless, aluminum and bronze sleeves are available along with various covers, caps and banding to complement the surrounding environment. Ross Bollards are a great way to provide a high level of security with low visual impact.

XL-20 Series Bollards extend approximately 39” (990 mm) above the ground level and are designed to be filled with concrete on site. Foundations require additional steel reinforcement (rebar) to be provided and assembled by the installer.

Ross Fixed and Removable Bollards are an economical way to protect wide areas and are ideal for the following conditions:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle access – non-vehicular traffic can move through freely
  • Aesthetic appeal – complement design elements of the facility and surrounding areas
  • Low impact security presence – since bollards are commonly used, they blend in well with the surrounding streetscape and do not raise awareness to high security measures
  • High speed impacts – where the roadway layout allows vehicles to reach higher speeds
  • Equipment protection – safeguarding expensive equipment, flammables, explosives and guard shacks
  • Vehicle access – removable bollards can be lifted out of position to allow vehicle passage
  • Minimal excavation –where underground utilities, high water tables or other site conditions restrict excavation



XL 20 Series Bollards offer anti-ram security and pedestrian-friendly passage for a wide range of facilities in urban settings such as courthouses, airports, museums, historic landmarks, parks, urban streetscapes, mass transit facilities, universities and corporate offices.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of vehicle barrier systems. Our customers include some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of industries including:

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  • Standard Features
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  • Availability, Cost & Warranty

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