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Anti-climb sliding gates are used to block access by unauthorized pedestrians and vehicles at entry control points. Typically fitted with picket or opaque panels, they’re specifically designed to eliminate footholds and handholds that could be used for climbing over top. The XT-4000 Anti-Climb Sliding Gate is an extremely flexible gate system that offers aesthetic appeal, utmost durability and easy field assembly.


Design Features of the XT-4000

The XT-4000 meets the U.S. Department of State specifications for both anti-climb requirements and durability cycle testing. With its sturdy construction and ability to accept various architectural panels and claddings, this gate is ideal for projecting an attractive appearance while preventing access to automobiles, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles.

The rolling gate design features tandem trolley V-groove wheel assemblies that glide smoothly along an above-grade V-track. The gate leaf incorporates a formidable structural steel frame that supports interchangeable picket and opaque panels designed specifically to prevent climbing. These panels are assembled quickly in the field using simple hand tools. Stanchions at either end of the gate are comprised of steel weldments that direct the gate leaf and provide stability, positive locking capabilities and a mounting surface for the gate operator.

The XT-4000 is activated with a HySecurity® gate operator that allows the gate leaf to travel approximately 1 foot per second. Standard clear openings range from 12 to 36 feet wide and standard heights range from 8 to 12 feet. This gate is available with numerous equipment options for managing operation, including control consoles, traffic equipment, safety loops and environmental controls.


Ross’s Anti-Climb Sliding Gate achieves architectural appeal while preventing access to restricted areas. Because it utilizes shorter gate leaves than traditional cantilever designs to cover the same sized clear opening, it offers greater versatility for use in tight spaces. Most commonly used for security checkpoints and to prohibit both pedestrian and vehicular access, the XT-4000 is ideal for applications such as embassies, consulates, official residences and other facilities requiring high security.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of high-quality, durable vehicle barrier systems. Among our customers are some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of industries including:

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Technical Data

The XT-4000 Anti-Climb Sliding Gate’s modular construction allows for maximum design flexibility along with easy shipping and installation. The structural steel frame is strong enough to accept architectural coverings and interchangeable panels without requiring an overhead track. Anti-climb panels feature welded construction and offer solid steel pickets, tube pickets or opaque coverings that can be customized to suit various specification requirements. Because the panels are field-bolted to the structural frame, larger gates sizes can be shipped in standard trailers and overseas containers. Standard, heavy-duty galvanizing prevents corrosion.

The HySecurity SlideDriver™ gate operator uses an electro-hydraulic, rack and drive wheel system designed for continuous duty use in high-cycle applications. The gate can operate at least 60 complete open/close cycles per hour, with 12- to 36-foot-wide standard clear openings.

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