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When selecting anti-ram products that cannot obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic, retractable bollards are the ideal barrier of choice. Retractable bollards can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and blend into their surroundings to downplay the presence of security equipment. Having successfully completed US Department of State durability cycle testing, the XT-1200 Series Bollards’ rugged construction and robust operating system make them suitable for guarding entrances in the most demanding environments.


Design Features

Ross Retractable Bollards consist of an array of three units, typically spaced on 36-inch centers. These arrays can be joined with additional groups, making them a cost effective solution for wider entrances. When deployed, XT-1200 Series Bollards extend a full 40 inches (1016 mm) high for maximum protection, which exceeds the long-used industry standard of 36 inches. In the retracted position, they’re nearly invisible with only the top covers and road plates exposed. Each bollard is manufactured from durable 10-3/4 inch structural steel pipe and finished with a heavy-duty galvanized coating for corrosion resistance. Various paint finishes or cast stainless steel, aluminum and bronze sleeves are available to achieve specific aesthetic requirements.

The controls and operating components can be set to activate bollards individually or in groups*. A custom-engineered Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) housed in an above-ground NEMA-rated control enclosure activates the bollards, lifting the units in 5 seconds during normal operation and 2 seconds in Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) mode. While there is no limit to the number of bollards that can be installed in an entrance, they are typically operated in groups of up to four units per HPU.

Ross’s Retractable Bollards are available with many equipment options for managing operation, including control consoles, traffic equipment, safety loops and environmental controls. With so many benefits to offer, the XT-1200 Retractable Bollard Series is ideal for:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle access – Non-vehicular traffic can move through freely while the bollards are in the secure position
  • Aesthetic appeal – Bollards can be manufactured to complement design elements of the facility and its surrounds
  • Low-impact security presence – Because bollards are commonly used in many applications and can be designed to be attractive, they don’t stand out as being high-security measures, especially compared to other barrier types
  • Wide entrances – Units can be added to block wider-than-normal entrances
  • Safe operation – Unlike many wedge-style barriers, there are no hazardous pinch points and no need for a safety skirt
  • Flexible controls – Bollards can be controlled independently or in groups to create more zones of control
  • High-speed impacts – where the roadway layout allows vehicles to reach higher speeds
  • Minimal setbacks – where critical assets or equipment are located close to entrances (such as in urban areas) and a high level of security is required regardless of potential vehicle speed
  • Fast deployment – where the barrier needs to be deployed quickly because it is close to the guard booth and reaction time is therefore minimal
  • High traffic – Used as a final denial, this barrier can be used in tandem with standard traffic arms to process a high number of vehicles quickly
  • Site restrictions – where flush surfaces are required for snow plowing or where buttresses and posts used in other barrier designs would prevent access to wide vehicles

*Note: The XT-1200 Series Bollards were crash tested in an array of three units. Therefore, an array of at least three units must be installed to achieve the crash rating.



The Ross XT-1200 Retractable Bollard Series provides DOD K12/L2 and DOS K8 crash certified security for controlling vehicle access while allowing pedestrians and bicycles to pass freely. Plus, they provide many options to conform to your facility design and surroundings. These benefits, along with Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) mode and continuous-duty rating, make the XT-1200 series ideal for a wide variety of pedestrian traffic applications, including stadiums, courthouses, museums, parks, mass transit facilities, universities and corporate offices.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of high-quality, durable, vehicle barrier systems. Among our customers are some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of industries including:

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Technical Data

Ross Retractable Bollards offer many features engineered to simplify maintenance and extend their useful service life. Bollards are regularly exposed to water, dirt, debris, salt and extreme temperatures, all of which can lead to corrosion and faulty operation. Ross Retractable Bollards are heavy-duty zinc galvanized to prevent corrosion and incorporate a custom-designed hydraulic power unit (HPU) and heavy-duty Parker cylinders to provide dependable, year-round operation in any condition. XT-1200 Series Bollards are manufactured in Ross’s ISO 9001:2015-certified facility and endurance tested by an independent laboratory.

Designed to withstand a violent impact from any side and continue to operate, the Quadra-Slide construction provides 360 degrees of protection. Installed flush with the road surface, there are no protruding obstructions or hinged joints to present a tripping hazard or damage vehicles.

The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder and pump are capable of 180 complete up/down cycles per hour to ensure dependable operation. Best of all, Ross’s unique design uses a separate outer housing that allows the critical moving parts to be quickly removed for routine maintenance or replacement in the event of a crash.

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