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In a class by itself, the XT-2200 Retractable Bollard combines the anti-ram security and compact design attributes of a shallow mount wedge barrier with the versatility and style of a bollard. The Raptor calls for a mere 20-inch (500 mm) excavation depth, making it ideal for site conditions that prohibit deep foundation pits, such as those required for standard bollards. Even more amazing is that the Raptor was tested as a single unit, so it can be used either as a standalone element or in an array of bollards to secure openings of virtually any width.

Manufactured in the USA by Ross Technology under license from Heald Ltd.



Design Features

The XT-2200 Raptor Retractable Bollard is a shallow mount curved bollard that, when deployed, extends 39 inches (985 mm) above grade. The foundation requires only 3 cubic yards of concrete and is very compact at just 20 inches (500 mm) deep by 69 inches (1750 mm) wide by 110 inches (2800 mm) long. The curved element rolls on six heavy-duty wheels with sealed bearings and steel inner cores to provide smooth and quiet operation. When retracted, there are no protruding obstructions or hinged joints to present a tripping hazard for pedestrians or to damage vehicles.

The Raptor is raised and lowered with a double-acting hydraulic cylinder for long-term reliability. Normal operation cycle time is 5 seconds and Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) cycle time mode is 1.5 seconds. A push button interface or optional Heald Hydra System controls the unit. It can also be operated by any access control equipment or manually with a hand pump. The Raptor is ideal for the following conditions:

  • Minimal excavation – where underground utilities, high water tables or other site conditions limit excavation depth
  • Non-standard roadway widths – it can secure narrow roadways more cost effectively than typical three-bollard arrays
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access – non-vehicular traffic can move through freely while the bollards are in the secure position
  • Safe operation – unlike many wedge-style barriers, there are no hazardous pinch points and no need for a safety skirt
  • High-speed impacts – where the roadway layout allows vehicles to reach higher speeds
  • Minimal setbacks – where critical assets or equipment are located close to entrances (such as in urban areas) and a high level of security is required regardless of potential vehicle speed
  • Fast deployment – where the barrier needs to be deployed quickly because it is located close to a guard booth and reaction time is therefore minimal
  • Site restrictions – where flush mounting with the roadway surface is required for snow plowing or where buttresses and posts used in other barrier designs would prevent access to wide vehicles
  • High traffic – used as a final denial, this barrier can be used in tandem with standard traffic arms to quickly process a high number of vehicles
  • Architectural appeal – contemporary style offers a modern twist on the typical bollard design
  • Flexible controls – bollards can be controlled independently or in small groups to create more zones of control


The XT-2200 Retractable Bollard provides ASTM M50-P1 and PAS 68 crash tested security and offers a great alternative to both wedge barriers and standard bollards. The shallow foundation and bollard-like design make it a perfect choice where bollards are preferred, but site conditions don’t permit a deep foundation. Because the Raptor was crash tested as a single unit, it can potentially be used to block a single lane more cost effectively than a wedge barrier. These benefits make the Raptor an ideal choice where utilities and other underground conditions exist, particularly in urban settings such as courthouses, embassies, museums, banks, corporate offices, universities, mass transit facilities and parks.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of high-quality, durable vehicle barrier systems. Among our customers are some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You can find our products serving in a multitude of industries including:

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Technical Data

The XT-2200 Heald Raptor is unlike any other bollard on the market today. Its unique retracting motion and shallow-mount installation of just 20 inches allow this bollard to be used where standard bollards simply can’t be installed. It offers a sleek design that integrates well with modern architecture, yet it still casts an imposing presence. Even better, the Raptor requires no pre-casting of the foundation pit and includes integrated rebar, eliminating the need to supply and build rebar mats onsite.

The barrier housing is effective in limiting debris infiltration and includes a removable cover to provide quick access for maintenance and cleaning. And because the barrier housing is close to street level and in most cases higher than storm drainage, sump pumps are typically not required. Finally, the Raptor can be positioned in the roadway so that vehicle wheels don’t travel directly on the barrier, which reduces wear and tear on the equipment and finish.

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