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The Matador Surface Mount Automated Bollard system is the only one of its kind. It offers many of the same architectural design benefits of retractable bollards, but without the need to excavate and pour a foundation. As a result, installation costs and lead times are significantly less than standard bollards and other barrier types. Plus, the Matador can be used where site restrictions limit or prohibit excavation, which is common in many cities. And because the installation impact on the road surface is minimal, the Matador is also a smart choice for temporary security applications.

Manufactured in the USA by Ross Technology under license from Heald Ltd.


Design Features

The Matador Surface Mount Automated Bollard System is available as a three-bollard (XT-2300) or four-bollard (XT-2400) array. It consists of one or two sliding bollards that, when activated, slide behind stationary bollards located on either side. The Matador can be surface mounted with bolts for rapid deployment or recessed into a new or existing foundation to eliminate uneven transitions in the roadway surface.

The Matador allows for constant flow of pedestrian traffic and the optional stainless steel elements provide greater architectural appeal. The mounting plate design eliminates pinch points, trap hazards and voids, making it safe for passing pedestrians.

The XT-2300 protects 9-foot-wide traffic lanes with two fixed bollards and a single moving bollard in the center. The XT-2400 protects 13-foot-wide traffic lanes with two fixed bollards and two moving bollards in the center. The Matador Bollard System is available with numerous equipment options for managing operation including control consoles, traffic equipment, safety loops and environmental controls. It is ideal for the following conditions:

  • Restricted excavation – where underground utilities, high water tables or other site conditions restrict excavation
  • Temporary installation – because it can be installed with minimal disruption to the road surface, it is ideal for short-term placement
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access – non-vehicular traffic can move through freely while the bollards are in the secure position
  • Safe operation – eliminates the pinch points found in many wedge-style barriers and the need for a safety skirt
  • Architectural appeal – a variety of finishes—including stainless steel, aluminum and bronze—are available to meet aesthetic requirements
  • Low-impact security presence – because bollards are commonly used, they blend in well with the surrounding streetscape and don’t draw attention to high-security measures



The Heald Matador provides IWA 14-1 crash tested security while allowing freedom of travel for pedestrians and bicyclists. The surface-mount design makes the use of a bollard system possible in places where excavation restrictions would otherwise prohibit it. This system is ideal for wide range of facilities such as stadiums, courthouses, parking garages, museums, parks, mass transit facilities, universities and corporate offices.

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Technical Data

The XT-2300/2400 Surface Mount Automated Bollard System is the perfect solution for sites where anti-ram security is required, yet integration with modern architecture is also desired. They can be finished to blend in with any environment and are available in a variety of colors or with stainless steel covers. The Matador system is designed to be installed in one of two basic configurations. Surface mounting entails bolting the unit directly to the top of an appropriate road surface or base. Low ramps are used to facilitate vehicle access.

Alternatively, the Matador with Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) can be recessed into an existing road or new foundation so it is flush with the road surface. This arrangement requires an excavation of just 4 inches (100 mm). The electromechanical Matador requires an excavation depth of 6 inches (155 mm) because of its motors being installed within the product. This has its own benefits, as it removes the need for an additional unit to house controls and having to install hydraulic ducts. This design makes the EM Matador perfect for temporary and short term events, due to its ability to run off a generator or temporary power supply.

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