Posted June 13, 2024

Understanding Very Narrow Aisles and Narrow Aisle Storage Solutions

The storage solution industry has seen significant innovation over the years, and one such innovation that has revolutionized storage efficiency is the Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) and Narrow Aisle (NA) storage systems. These systems offer impressive advantages, including increased storage capacity and space optimization, but they also come with their own set of considerations.

What are VNA and NA storage solutions and their advantages?

Typically, a standard aisle measures more than 10 ½ feet, but narrow aisles range from 8 ½ to 10 ½ feet, while very narrow aisles may be as slim as 5 to 7 feet. The biggest draw of these storage solutions is that the narrow aisle racking dimensions are almost half of the standard racking systems. This means you can store 30-50% more products in the same space, potentially eliminating the need for offsite storage or building expansion.

3 Key Considerations

1. Operational Workflow

The efficiency of VNA and NA storage solutions heavily depends on the type and volume of products being stored. Businesses with irregularly shaped or oversized products may find it challenging to store them efficiently in such a system. However, for those dealing with uniform products of similar sizes and shapes, and those ordered in large quantities, these systems offer a substantial increase in storage capacity.

2. Starting Costs

While VNA and NA storage solutions offer numerous benefits, they come with a higher initial installation cost. This is mainly due to the specialized equipment required for handling products in such a setting. The equipment needs to have tighter turn radiuses or side-loading capabilities, while still maintaining powerful lifting strength. Additional costs may also come in the form of specialized training needed for workers to operate the equipment safely.

3. Storage Solution

VNA and NA storage solutions carry a higher potential for increased damage to products and racks due to their limited maneuverability and accessibility. It’s crucial to use a highly durable racking system, like Dexco, to ensure the safety and security of the products. It’s equally important to work with storage professionals to customize the racking system to meet specific needs, including assembly, load levels, handling methods, and overall efficiency.

Getting Started

VNA and NA storage solutions are an innovative way to maximize storage space and increase efficiency. However, they require careful consideration of factors like operational workflow, starting costs, and the type of storage solution. By understanding these factors and working with storage professionals, businesses can effectively utilize VNA and NA storage solutions to their advantage. For instance, our customer JACQUET successfully implemented an NA storage solution, installing double-sided racks equipped with a guard rail system, demonstrating a practical application of these storage solutions. To get started today, consider evaluating your current storage needs and consult with Dexco to assess the feasibility of implementing a VNA or NA solution in your facility. This step could prove pivotal in streamlining your storage and improving operational efficiency.

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