Posted April 1, 2024

The Advantages of Coil Rack Storage for Metal Stamping Operations

When it comes to storing heavy and expensive materials like coils, choosing the right rack storage method is crucial. Traditional floor storage of sheet coil takes up space on the manufacturing floor, can lead to costly material damage, and can pose a serious safety hazard to workers. Coil rack storage offers numerous benefits including improved safety, material accessibility, efficient inventory management, and optimized production workflow.


The Pitfalls of Traditional Floor Storage

Traditional coil floor storage, despite its low setup cost, presents several challenges. The most common method, known as pyramid formation, involves stacking coils in a triangular structure. While this technique maximizes available space, it also amplifies safety concerns. If the floor racks are not designed properly, there’s a risk of collapse. Additionally, unchaining the coils could lead to runaway coils if they slip from their hold, are mishandled, or are overloaded by transport equipment. This leads to a range of unpredictable and dangerous scenarios. Inventory errors are also common due to inefficient stacking, leading to a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory system. This lack of selectivity and traceability can cause problems such as flattening, cross-contamination, and multiple movements, which further increase the likelihood of damage and incidents.

Additionally, this type of floor storage can lead to increased material damage such as folding and buckling of the coils. The result can be lost revenue with downstream costs during the production cycle. Furthermore, this type of storage requires significant and very valuable floor space that could be reallocated and used for manufacturing equipment.  This scenario also creates challenges in material movement and can impact the overall facility workflow. In contrast, despite a higher investment cost, coil rack storage provides several advantages over traditional methods.


Improve Safety and Material Accessibility

Unlike traditional storage methods, Dexco vertical storage racks are made with beams, bolts, and cradles to securely stow coils individually. These racks are engineered using AISC standards to shoulder industrial-sized loads, providing unmatched load-bearing capacity. With the ability to vertically store 80,000-pound master coils at 100% load utilization, Dexco® racks free up expensive floor space. The racks are engineered with a heavy brace and evaluated for the moment load when the material is being handled. Additionally, the racking system allows for dynamic storage combinations. This means that if you need to store some coils on pallets and others on chocks or pads, these systems can effectively accommodate both types and are engineered to prevent creasing.


Streamline Inventory Management and Production Workflow

Coil rack storage does not just improve safety—it also streamlines inventory management and production workflow. Racking improves inventory management by providing aisle and slot labeling and improving inventory auditing while also supporting First-In-First-Out (FIFO) picking methods. Inventory workflows can be further improved by orienting them with a more streamlined pick-and-place location. Moreover, racks are mapped and customized to align with your equipment and facility’s layout, ensuring optimal material accessibility and workflow efficiency. Coils can be easily moved by forklifts with booms, probes, forks, or other attachments. Workflow planning is engineered to consider narrow, standard, or wide aisle requirements.


Coil Rack Storage Considerations

Transitioning to coil rack storage requires careful planning and consideration of your specific needs. Start by meeting internally to align your racking needs, considering factors like available facility space, equipment used, services needed, how you want to store materials, and other project goals. Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements, reach out to a trusted provider, like Dexco to kickstart your project.


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