Posted April 12, 2024

How Pennant Improved Their Manufacturing Process with Dexco Industrial Die Racks


When it comes to manufacturing, every square foot of floor space and every minute of machine turnover time counts. This is how Pennant struck success with die storage. It underscores the importance of finding the right solution to a pressing problem and the transformative power of an effective organization.


Pennant’s Challenges with Die Storage

Pennant is a renowned manufacturer, offering custom metal roll formed and stamped products to a plethora of industries for over four decades. Houston Haynes, the Manufacturing Engineer at Pennant, faced a significant challenge when he joined the team. He had 55 dies strewn across the floor during idle periods, with no efficient storage system in place. The dies were occasionally stacked, posing a risk of damage over an extended period. His first project was to find a solution for better storage of the dies, a task that would not only save space but also prevent potential losses due to die damage.

“Our die racks from Dexco have allowed us to gain over 2000 square feet of floor space. Getting dies off the floor has made for a less cluttered plant and has relieved several worker frustrations. These die racks also work with our Quick Die Change system. This has reduced our machine turnover times by as much as 20 minutes. Dexco has had excellent customer service and was able to give us exactly what we needed.” by Houston Haynes, Manufacturing Engineer at Pennant

Die Racks Selection

Haynes worked alongside Tracy Buck, a Dexco sales engineer, over the course of a few months to find the best solution for their die storage issue. After evaluating options from different vendors, Dexco’s solution emerged as the clear winner. Competitors offered welded die racks that were more expensive, which would result in building over the course of several long phases. The Dexco solution was more affordable and modular, making it possible for Pennant to tackle their entire project at once. The adjustable shelves of the die racks were an added advantage as they could be customized to work with Pennant’s specific die cart, ensuring safe attachment points when pulling the dies in and out.


The impact of the new die racks was immediate and significant. Pennant gained over 2000 square feet of floor space, leading to a less cluttered and more organized plant. The racks also improved the changeover time by making die transportation faster and safer, reducing machine turnover times by as much as 20 minutes. Moreover, they facilitated efficient organization by eliminating the need to move several dies out of the way to find the needed one. These streamlined processes not only improved efficiency but also greatly reduced the risk of potential die damage. By eliminating unnecessary handling and movement of the dies, the likelihood of accidents was significantly decreased.

Dexco Die Racks have proven to be a game-changer for Pennant, helping them reclaim valuable floor space, reduce turnover times, and streamline their die storage system. This case serves as a testament to the significant impact of a well-thought-out storage solution on overall process efficiency in the manufacturing industry.



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