Posted September 16, 2020

Case Study – Organized and Safe Storage for Henderson Stamping’s Steel Coils

Dexco™ Heavy Duty Wide Span Racks for Henderson Stamping and Production, Inc





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Challenges: Optimize Operational Efficiency and Reduce Safety Hazards

Excessive machine downtime and inefficient material storage are typical problems that Dexco sales engineers discover when consulting with manufacturing facilities. Henderson Stamping was experiencing issues in locating metal coils and inefficient operations, so their Lean Manufacturing Engineer contacted Ross, the manufacturer of Dexco racks, to assist in the creation of storage solutions for its facility.

During the initial consultation, several current production challenges and facility requests were identified:

  • Excessive machine downtime
  • Difficulty in managing physical inventory because metal coils were difficult to find
  • Inadequate forklift accessibility to storage areas
  • Damage to coils resulting from frequent movement
  • Tipping hazards from coils stacked one on top of the other
  • Desire to increase industrial storage capacity


In addition, because they provided numerous facility tours to key customers, Henderson leadership desired to achieve a clean and organized appearance throughout the building. The Steel Coil Storage Area was the location with the most concerns. Tow motor access was limited and specific coils were difficult to find. Coil damage was a frequent problem.

Henderson Stamping and Production, Inc installed Dexco Heavy Duty Wide Span Racks

Solution: Dexco Heavy Duty Wide Span Racks

  • Design Process: Tracy Buck, Dexco Sales Engineer, visited Henderson to discuss the project and its goals. As with other projects, he also shared details of projects Ross had completed to highlight Ross’s engineering capabilities. After a number of calls and brainstorming sessions between Henderson and the Ross engineering and sales team, several concept work flows, floor layouts and product systems were proposed. The Ross team assisted in determining the limiting factors of each option, and in defining the required aisle clearance and safe lifting capacity. Egress paths and other important layout considerations were identified in the conceptual solutions. The Henderson team evaluated the layouts and selected the one best suited for their business needs.
  • Dexco Wide Span Racks: Ross designed several wide span racks for Henderson to store their metal coils. This style of rack system complemented the Henderson process better than traditional coil racks that cradle the coils with their eyes horizontally.
  • Installation: Henderson subcontracted the assembly and installation of the racks. The systems were installed in August 2017.


Results: Custom Industrial Storage Racks Ensure Safe and Easy Inventory Access

Once installed, dramatic changes in material flow and production efficiency were realized. Highlights included:

  • Improved accessibility to coils
  • Minimal handling of material, eliminating duplicate moves
  • High visibility of available stock, improving inventory control


Read our full case study on the Henderson Stamping project.


About Henderson: For more than 35 years, some of America’s most dependable and well-known appliance and automotive brands have relied on Henderson Stamping and Production, Inc. to produce their decorative and non-decorative stampings and assemblies.

About Ross: Ross manufactures a diverse line of public safety and physical security solutions designed to protect people, property and products in a wide range of applications including heavy-duty industrial storage, anti-terrorism / force protection, and infrastructure access. Based in Leola, Pennsylvania since 1962, the company supports ground-up construction and capital improvement projects throughout the world. Ross specializes in creating products that are engineered and tested to meet the highest standards for safety, quality and reliability within their respective fields.

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