Posted June 29, 2021

Case Study – Efficient Die Storage and Increased Production Space for Ultratech Tool & Design

Case Study – Efficient Die Storage and Increased Production Space for Ultratech Tool & Design




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Challenges: Increase Floor Space and Create Safe Work Environment

Due to the considerable weight of their stamping and forming dies, Ultratech Tool & Design was experiencing industrial storage issues at their facility located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Initially, their limited vertical die storage consisted of roll form pallet racking that began deforming under the excessive weight of their tooling. The company also utilized open floor space for die storage which lead to difficulties in access and organization.

Dies were positioned in a single layer on the floor because stacking them on top of each other can cause cross-contamination from residual oils dripping from a die to the one stored below, and can create defects in finished parts because metal grit from the manufacturing processes can be readily transferred from one die to another. Dies that were stored on the floor became difficult to systemize, as they were often shuffled to reach other materials. Frequent rearranging led to inventory damage and created employee safety concerns.

Ultratech began exploring options for a structural vertical rack system substantial enough to accommodate several dies on each shelf. Their goals were to provide easy accessibility, minimize the potential for product damage, reduce indirect labor costs, and improve safety practices. After a search of local fabricators and rack manufacturers proved unsuccessful, Ultratech representatives met sales engineers from Ross, manufacturers of Dexco Structural I-beam racking systems, at the Fabtech Trade Show and began planning.


Solution: Dexco® Heavy Duty Wide Span Tool & Die Racks

Once Ultratech detailed their inventory specifications, facility layout and storage requirements, the two companies worked together to customize a design to meet the stamping company’s specific needs. Ultratech’s new Dexco storage rack system includes solid shelving, allowing vertical storage rated up to 40,000 pounds per shelf. Additionally, the shelves are designed to be fully load bearing which enables tooling to be placed anywhere on the decking as opposed to having to rest directly over support beams as many racking systems require.


Ross Technology Dexco Industrial Storage Ultratech Tool Design Case StudyRoss Technology Dexco Industrial Storage Ultratech Tool Design Case Study


Results: Custom Industrial Storage Racks Increase Production Space and Reduce Damage

By moving tooling off the floor and effectively utilizing the rack shelves, a large amount of space on the shop floor was freed, allowing for expansion of production processes. Risk of injuries diminished because Dexco racks were designed specifically for the industrial weight of Ultratech’s products and their organization requirements. One employee stated, “These racks have the quality and the strength that we were looking for.”

Due to the increased storage capacities, improvement in efficiency, reduction in inventory damage and overall project success, Ultratech purchased and installed additional racking systems.


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About Ultratech: Ultratech is an IATF 16949 certified, world-class manufacturer of stampings and stamping dies for industries that include Automotive, Aerospace, Lawn & Garden, Military, Consumer Goods, Appliance, and Electrical.


About Ross: Ross manufactures a diverse line of public safety and physical security solutions designed to protect people, property and products in a wide range of applications including heavy-duty industrial storage, anti-terrorism / force protection, and infrastructure access. Based in Leola, Pennsylvania since 1962, the company supports ground-up construction and capital improvement projects throughout the world. Ross specializes in creating products that are engineered and tested to meet the highest standards for safety, quality and reliability within their respective fields.


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