Serving Public Utilities

Ross manufactures Utility Access Solutions with “traffic loading” and “slip resistant” ratings for roadways, sidewalks, parking lots and pedestrian applications. For over 30 years, we’ve served electrical, natural gas and telecommunication networks along with waste water treatment and public transportation authorities.

Our expertise is custom fabrication of heavy duty ADA- and AASHTO- compliant metal doors, hatches, covers, grates and louvers that provide secure access to underground vaults, tunnels and trenches. All of these products are manufactured as complete assemblies with structural framing, security features and markings.

Best of all, we can do it all in house, in over a quarter of a million square feet of production space at our ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities.


Ross Technology Public Utilities Grate

ADA / AASHTO Compliance

Ross Utility Access Solutions are custom fabricated to meet ADA and AASHTO guidelines per customer supplied product specifications. For projects where floor and ground surfaces need to meet the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, we can also incorporate ALGRIP® slip-resistant technology.

ALGRIP® is manufactured through a proprietary CNC laser deposition process in which more than one thousand rugged, custom-alloy, slip-resistant deposits are welded to each square foot of the substrate. The unique application pattern provides unmatched slip resistance in all directions when shoe and tire materials completely encircle and “grab” the deposits. And because the laser welding process penetrates deep below the substrate surface to create a strong bond, ALGRIP provides users with a slip-resistant surface that has outstanding traction and durability.

Ross Technology Compliance

Custom Fabrication / Design

Whether you’re looking for an experienced fabricator to manufacture your proprietary designs or have a unique project that calls for a new, innovative product, Ross is up for the challenge. In fact, that’s what we do best. Our experienced engineers and manufacturing team are ready to work with you to develop and manufacture custom products that meet your requirements.

Ross has earned a reputation over the last 30+ years for delivering creative solutions for a wide scope of infrastructure projects ranging from a 50-million-dollar revetment system for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to custom utility access covers for large public utilities. Recent innovations include a unique self-locking grating panel, which prevents theft and unauthorized access to transformer vaults, and baffled vault covers that provide ventilation while prohibiting large objects from falling on transformers.

Ross Technology Custom Fabrication

Competitive Pricing

Just because you need custom fabrication doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Ross purchases steel at very competitive rates based on the significant tonnage we use, not only for our Utility Access products, but also for our Architectural Security, Perimeter Security and Industrial Storage lines.

In addition, our factories utilize automated equipment, which allows us to fabricate products with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. As a result, Ross can provide you with high quality products at cost-effective pricing.

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Ross Technology Competitive Pricing

Diverse Product Applications

Ross Technology is capable of custom fabricating a broad range of ADA and AASHTO-compliant products with diverse applications and loadings. Our welders are qualified to the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code. Examples of our capabilities include the following:

Product Types:

  • Vault Access Doors
  • Vault Access Hatches
  • Vault Access Covers / Lids
  • Vault Ventilation Grates
  • Vault Ventilation Louvers
  • Trench Covers / Lids

Traffic Loadings:

  • Roadway (High Density Traffic Loading)
    • AASHTO: H20, HS20, HS25, HL93
    • Alternate Military Loading (Interstate Loading)
  • Sidewalk (Pedestrian Loading, Incidental H20 Traffic Loading)
  • Parking Lot (Low Density H20 Traffic Loading)
  • Landscaping (No Traffic Pedestrian Loading)
  • Airport Loading

Product Applications:

  • Electrical vaults, pullboxes and handholes for transformer, splicing, fusing, sectionalizing, switchgear, and junction applications
  • Water / wastewater vaults and handholes for backflow device, water meter, pressure reducing and sewer pump station applications
  • Communication vaults, pullboxes and handholes for telephone, CATV and fiber optic applications
  • Gas vaults for valve and meter applications
  • Utility trench covers and grates for equipment access or drainage


Ross Technology Product Applications S6 Frame with Covers and Grates