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Cable and wire spools have unique storage requirements that cannot be accommodated well with traditional industrial storage systems such as pallet racking. Their round, bulky nature requires a system with high weight capacities that holds them securely and safely. Dexco® cantilever and coil racking systems from Ross can accommodate these distinctly shaped items, and provide solutions to numerous common issues with the storage of wire spools.

High-Capacity Rolled Spool Wire Storage

Industrial cable reels can weigh several thousand pounds, requiring a storage system designed for high capacities. Dexco racking uses wide-flange, structural steel I-beams that provide superior weight capacity to typical rolled steel racks. As a result, our cantilever systems can carry very heavy reels, with individual arm capacities of 20,000 pounds or more. Meanwhile, our coil systems can hold 80,000 pounds or more per shelf. Each system configuration offers distinct benefits in cable spool storage:

  • Steel coil racks: Dexco coil racks have full-depth cradles to secure round items. While typically used to store metal coils, these racks can also hold similarly shaped loads such as wire spools.
  • Cantilever racks: Cantilever racks from Ross consist of slightly angled arms that hold items without vertical dividers.


Industrial Wire Spool Racks That Secure Cable and Wire Reels

Because of their round shape, industrial cable spools require storage configurations that prevent rolling and wire damage. Each of our systems for cable spool storage secures wire reels with unique configurations:

  • Coil rack cradles: The full-depth cradles in Dexco coil racks consist of two beam ledges that hold round objects in place. This storage format leaves room on the sides and front for material handling equipment to load and unload spools safely.
  • Custom cantilever arm layouts: Our cantilever racks can perform similarly to coil rack shelves depending on system specifications. Cantilever racking engineered for wire spool racks features arm spacing shorter than the spools’ diameter. This design enables the arms to cradle each reel for secure storage.


Increased Storage Density and Vertical Storage

Manufacturers and warehouses can benefit from increased facility space by designing systems for more efficient passage and expanded storage capacity. Dexco racks free up floor space through improved storage density and multiple vertical tiers. The high weight capacity of Dexco racking allows for more vertical levels and higher storage density than standard storage systems, better utilizing the facility’s floor space.


Custom Structural Steel Cable Spool Racks Available

Ross offers custom Dexco racking solutions in situations involving site-specific storage requirements. Our engineers can work with you to develop structural steel cable spool racks with unique specifications such as:

  • Dimensions: Specify the number of tiers and weight capacity you need, and our engineers can design racking that meets these requirements.
  • Material and product types: Our engineering team can also develop racks that hold items of multiple shapes and sizes, such as a cantilever rack with unique arm spacing.

Find Out More About Our Wire and Cable Reel Storage Racks

Discover our structural steel coil racking and cantilever racking storage systems on their specification pages.

Get more information about our custom engineering and pricing by requesting a quote today.

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