Structural Steel Racking Systems for Glass Companies

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Because of its sensitivity to storage conditions, industrial glass requires specialty storage solutions like Dexco® glass racks for warehouses. Manufactured by Ross, Dexco A-frame and L-frame racks feature structural steel profiles to hold industrial-grade loads and protect them from damage from material handling equipment. Because they are true structural rack systems, they are more durable than typical glass racks fabricated with light-gage tubing and rolled channel.


Custom-Engineered Storage Racks for Glass Sheets

We specialize in developing unique systems that combine components from structural wide-span racking with traditional steel-frame frame racks to hold substantial loads of glass sheets. As a glass company, you can request Dexco wide-span racking, steel L-frame racks, steel A-frame racks and combination systems with racking and frames to store your sheets or windows with minimal stress on the glass.

At Ross, we design our racking products to meet your site specifications and storage requirements. Our engineers will perform an on-site visit to discuss your facility requirements and glass sheet or laminate specifications. Next, they will develop a racking system design that incorporates the following features for optimal glass storage:

  • Uniform support: Glass sheets need several support locations to ensure uniform loading. We can engineer and manufacture a glass stanchion rack with multiple structural I-beams to avoid putting uneven stress on large sheets.
  • Sheet-specific dimensions: Our engineers can develop a structural A-frame or L-frame glass rack to provide optimal protection and support. Keeping each structural frame’s dimensions similar to the sheets they store potentially reduces stress on the glass.
  • Protective finish: Dexco racking and structural-grade frame racks come standard with a powder-coated finish, and you can specify a hot-dip galvanized coating for added racking protection. The galvanizing treatment maximizes the racking’s durability and longevity in industrial applications.


Window and Flat Glass Storage Racks for Industrial Applications

Since window manufacturers and other industrial glass companies have exacting specifications for storing heavy loads of glass, we often develop custom racking systems that consist of two components: a wide-span racking system and individual structural steel frames that hold glass sheets on a shelf. The frame racks function similarly to pallets while providing the support points needed to prevent stress-related fractures. The custom wide-span racking holds multiple frame racks in a vertical configuration to maximize vertical storage of industrial-grade loads of glass.

Configurations That Enable Easy Storage and Retrieval

Glass materials require specialized storage and retrieval techniques that we can facilitate with a system designed around your facility’s methods. We develop systems for manual and automated operations that account for our clients’ product dimensions and facility layouts.


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Visit our specialty racking page for more information about custom Dexco racks.

You can also find out more about our glass sheet storage solutions by submitting a quote request.

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