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High-capacity storage racks can help textile businesses address ever-increasing demand and the sensitive requirements of fabric storage. Dexco® racking systems by Ross can serve as industrial fabric roll storage racks to solve common issues associated with storing textiles. Textile manufacturers and warehouses use our cantilever and wide-span racks in their operations for durable and versatile storage. Our fabric roll storage systems help these businesses optimize profits through increased textile capacity and faster storage and retrieval. Dexco fabric roll rack storage systems deliver several benefits for textile industry storage.

High Capacity for Industrial Fabric Roll Volumes

With a Dexco cantilever or wide-span rack, your warehouse can accommodate the high volumes of fabric required in industrial textile operations. Commercial fabric operations often require the storage of numerous rolls of textiles that typical rolled-steel racking cannot hold effectively. Due to their higher capacities, as compared to roll-formed steel systems, Dexco fabric roll racks can support these industrial-weight loads. Our wide-span and cantilever racks feature structural I-beam steel that can accommodate up to 80,000 pounds per shelf or 20,000 pounds per rack arm.


Efficient Space Management

By using industrial racking to increase usable vertical storage space, textile businesses can maximize their inventory capacity. Dexco cantilever and wide-span racks enable the owner to optimize their vertical storage space to free up area on the production floor. These racking systems offer multiple tiers of storage because of cantilever racking’s adjustable arms and wide-span racking’s adjustable shelves. Their wide-flange I-beam construction enables each system to accommodate more levels than are typically available in a traditional option like a pallet rack.


Improved Access to Textile Bolts

By facilitating worker and equipment access to fabric, you can increase storage and retrieval speeds and respond to the textile industry’s increasing demand. Textile warehouses that perform manual and equipment-based storage require systems that account for their distinct retrieval and organization methods. Cantilever racks best suit operations that involve material handling equipment because their open vertical faces allow for forklift access. Wide-span racks enable employees performing manual operations to see inventory at a glance and retrieve specific textile rolls from the rack shelves.

Modular and Customizable Design for Changing Storage Requirements

Fluctuations in product demand call for a storage system that can easily expand. By choosing a system that adapts to your needs, you can make your warehouse more responsive to changes in the market. Dexco wide-span and cantilever racks have modular designs that enable the addition of bays or racks after initial system installation. They also allow for the reconfiguration of arm or shelf position at any time. In addition, our engineers can adapt your racking design to further meet your evolving storage needs.


Discover Dexco Textile and Fabric Cantilever and Wide-Span Racks

Learn more about our structural steel cantilever racks and wide-span racking systems on their respective product pages.

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