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Versatile StorageRoss Technology Dexco Heavy Duty Structural Cantilever Racking

Dexco® racking systems can safely accommodate a wide range of weight requirements, making them ideal for storing materials like lumber, coils, dies, pipe, tubing, bar stock, sheet metal, steel plates, and glass.


Load Capacity

Typical systems can handle loads from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds, with some supporting up to 80,000 pounds per shelf. We also offer customized designs for unique load requirements.


Quality Manufacturing

The manufacturing process, from fabrication to finish, is controlled in-house to ensure consistency and quality. This includes a powder coating procedure. Produced in our 250,000-square foot facility in Leola, Pennsylvania, Dexco racks have over 50 years of history and are shipped across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.


Ross Technology Industrial Storage Cantilever Racking Systems in Lowe's retail lumber section.

Cantilever Racks


Coil Racks

Tool and Die Racks

Tool and Die Racks

Ross Technology Industrial Storage Salvage Yard Rack Systems

Car and Salvage Racks

Ross Technology Dexco Heavy Duty Structural I-Beam Specialized Rack Systems NTS Stanchion

Pipe and Stanchion Racks

l-shed and t-shed covered cantilever

Shed Racks

Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems

  • Heavy-Duty Handling: Effortlessly handle challenging and sensitive materials with our efficient storage.
  • Space Efficiency: Maximize your storage capacity without compromising valuable floor space.
  • Modular Designs: Versatile design allows for staged builds and post-installation adjustments.
Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems for Industrial Storage Solutions from Ross Technology

Dexco Coil Racking Systems

  • Safe Handling: Various forklift accessibility options ensure swift, damage-free loading and retrieval.
  • Floor Optimization: Expand manufacturing floor space while creating a safer operational workflow.
  • Coil Protection: Preserve coil condition with our cradle-style construction and secure beam ledges.
Ross Technology Dexco Coil Racking Systems for Industrial Storage Solutions

Dexco Die & Wide Span Racking Systems

  • Tool Protection: Suitable storage of heavy or large forming dies, fixtures, jigs, and molds.
  • Space Maximization: Utilize vertical storage, increasing valuable floor space for manufacturing.
  • Damage Resistance: Structural steel I-beams resist damage, ensuring secure storage of critical fabrication equipment.
Heavy Duty Tool and Die Storage Racks

Dexco Car and Salvage Racking Systems

  • Safety Boost: Organized, easy access contributes to a safer job site.
  • Elevated Stockpile: Increase capacity with cars stored up to four levels high.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect salvage from damage and theft with higher storage.
Ross Technology Industrial Storage Dexco Car Salvage Racking Systems

Dexco Pipe and Stanchion Racking Systems

  • Organized Storage: Products are easily visible for loading and unloading, saving valuable time.
  • High Capacity: Maximize the floor space available while potentially quadrupling storage capacity.
  • Secure Inventory: Shield goods from potential damage caused by handling procedures.
Ross Technology Dexco Stanchion Racking Systems for Industrial Storage Applications

Dexco Shed Racking Systems

  • Weather Protection: Shed designs safeguard valuable inventory and reduce corrosion from material exposure to rain and snow.
  • Space Utilization: A cost-effective and turnkey solution for additional storage in limited spaces where additional buildings will not fit.
  • Unique Storage: The design allows consolidated storage of items with varying lengths or odd shapes on the same rack system.
Ross Technology Industrial Storage Shed Racking Systems

Custom Industrial Racking System Development

When you need a unique racking solution, our team will design a system that meets your requirements for storage and safety. Our custom capabilities include:

  • Custom engineering
  • Rack design and layout
  • AUTODESK Inventor and AutoCAD drawings
  • PE-stamped drawings (when required)
Ross Technology Dexco Heavy Duty Structural Coil Racking Sub Zero

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