Warehouse Racking Solutions

Ross Industrial Dexco® storage racks are robust, engineered to AISC standards, and feature 50 KSI yield wide flange beams for high durability and strength. Our racks, fully adjustable with pre-drilled holes and ASTM A325 bolts, are designed to safely store industrial materials like lumber, coils, dies, pipe, tubing, bar stock, sheet metal, steel plates, and glass.

Dexco cantilever systems can handle loads from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds, while most coil and die racks support 2,000 to 80,000 pounds per shelf. We can customize designs for higher load requirements.

Manufactured in our 250,000-square foot Leola, Pennsylvania facility, Dexco racks are consistently high-quality, thanks to our advanced techniques, robotic welders, and in-house powder coating. With over 50 years of history, we ship to the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Dexco Die & Wide Span Racking Systems

The benefits of our die & wide span racking systems include:

  • Designed for manufacturing equipment:  We developed Dexco tool and die racks specifically for the weights and shapes of manufacturing equipment.
  • Multiple storage approaches:  Store your equipment on open beams, fork entry bars or removable deck plates.
  • Equipment protection:  Our tool and die racks protect your items from material handling damage.
Heavy Duty Tool and Die Storage Racks

Dexco Coil Racking Systems

Dexco coil racks include features such as:

  • Coil and worker protection:  This specialized racking system safely stores metal coils to protect products and staff.
  • High load capacity:  We support 80,000 pounds per tier or higher.
  • Versatile designs:  Store metal coils with cantilevered arms or a floor mount design.

Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems

Features of Dexco cantilever systems include:

  • Structural steel materials:  A structural steel design makes it simple to design a system that accommodates multiple adjustable arms.
  • Modular design:  Add more bays whenever you need more storage.
  • Optimal usage of space:  Our cantilever systems work well in limited space and can accommodate a wide range of item lengths.
Dexco Cantilever Racking Systems for Industrial Storage Solutions from Ross Technology

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