Aluminum Security Windows: UL752/NIJ3 BR & Blast

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UL NIJ Tested Protection Against Ballistic Rounds and Designed with Modern Architecture

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Aluminum Ballistic Resistant (BR) Windows deliver laboratory tested protection against rifle-level ballistic rounds in a complete system designed for energy efficiency and modern architectural appeal. Available in a wide variety of performance ratings for both fixed and teller window applications, they can also be engineered to resist significant blast loads with a “no hazard” rating. Ross aluminum window designs utilize high strength aluminum alloy components for durability and a thermally broken frame with industry leading U-values and condensation resistance.


Design Features

Ross Aluminum Ballistic Resistant (BR) Windows offer an ideal solution where the call for high ballistic resistance competes with targets for design excellence. The WAFV-N-B series are tested to meet multiple firearm threat levels including UL 752 (Levels 5 & 8), NIJ III and 7.62 x 39 rounds. The WAFV-N-EX is engineered to resist blast loads up to 40 psi / 300 psi-ms and beyond. Custom designs are available to meet combined blast and ballistic threats.

Fabricated as a complete system, typical construction includes a heavy-duty thermally broken aluminum frame, laminated/insulated glazing, glazing stops, ballistic protection bars, interior/exterior trim and a plate or tube-type sub-frame. An optional FE/BR deal tray can be added for high-security document transfer needs. Ross DOS certified Deal Tray offers 15 minutes of forced-entry and ballistic protection, and its 2” deep stainless steel transaction tray provides ample room for the passage of 100+ sheet documents.

All windows are factory glazed and can be installed as a single unit or ganged together to form a unitized “window wall.” Numerous glazing options are available along with snap-on interior and exterior trims, which improve installation flexibility and come in a wide range of finish types. The WAFV-N-B series and EX model windows offer architects and end users:

  • Anti-Terrorism Level Security – where the threat of rifle-level ballistic and high level blast attacks exist
  • Energy Efficiency – where window thermal performance is important to overall building design considerations
  • Condensation Resistance – thermal break vastly improves the frame’s ability to resist interior sweating and freezing
  • Architectural Appeal – provides the look of a commercial aluminum window system and complements modern architectural design
  • Design Flexibility – where architectural or security concerns require the use of large windows, ganged window systems or unique shapes
  • Durability – high strength aluminum alloy provides maximum durability and low maintenance

In addition to engineering the full window and sub-frame system, Ross has the unique ability to customize styles and finishes to provide architects and engineers with a wide range of flexibility in creating or preserving the aesthetics of new and existing structures.


Aluminum Ballistic & Blast Resistant Windows provide rifle-level ballistics protection for prominent and mission critical buildings, guard houses, control rooms, cashier areas, executive offices and anywhere the highest levels of protection, aesthetics and sustainability are important considerations. Engineered blast resistance may be added for more comprehensive protection.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of window systems. Our customers include some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You will find our products in a broad range of industries including:

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Technical Data

The beauty of Ross Aluminum Thermally-Broken Windows can be seen in their full aluminum construction, with no separate steel inserts that corrode or move out of location, and premium finishes that artfully mask their true strength. The frame’s unique thermal-gap design is very effective in reducing the effects of extreme outside temperatures for superior U-value performance and condensation control.

Engineered to withstand multiple impacts, Ross windows can be constructed as large as 5 feet by 10 feet, with larger options available upon request. A wall of conjoined windows can be assembled to increase the architectural impact and non-standard shapes can be designed to further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

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