Sliding Escape Hatch: DOS 60 Minute FE/BR

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DOS Certified Maximum Security Protection for Roof & Floor Mounted Emergency Egress Points

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Maximum Security Sliding Hatches provide DOS certified protection against mob-level forced-entry attacks and rifle-level ballistic threats for emergency egress points in both roof and floor mounted applications. Ross heavy-duty rollers significantly reduce the amount of effort required for opening and closing the active panel, contributing an additional measure of safety.


Design Features

Tested to Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended), Ross Maximum Security Sliding Hatches offer the utmost in DOS certified ballistic and forced-entry resistance for extreme threat conditions while providing a covert escape route for personnel. Designed to operate easily and efficiently within limited space, they are extremely versatile for a multitude of applications. The sliding hatch requires minimal vertical clearance for opening and is certified to withstand simulated “mob” attacks for 60 minutes and 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855 and 7.62 M80 ballistic rounds.

An optional weather cover is available for optimal resistance to the elements in outdoor applications. Fabricated as a complete system, typical construction includes a structural steel hatch frame with one fixed and one sliding panel and a plate or tube-type sub-frame.

Ross Maximum Security Sliding Hatches offer architects and end users:

  • Anti-Terrorism Level Security – where conformance to U.S. Department of State forced-entry / ballistic resistant threat levels is required
  • Emergency Egress – where evacuation of personnel may become necessary
  • Optimal Use of Space – requires minimal footprint and overhead clearance
  • Design Flexibility – numerous finish options offer the ability to complement other building materials
  • Durability – structural steel materials and high-quality finishes provide extreme durability and low maintenance throughout the life cycle

In addition to engineering the full hatch and sub-frame system, Ross has the unique ability to customize styles and finishes, providing architects and engineers with a wide range of flexibility in creating or preserving the aesthetics of new and existing structures.


Maximum Security Sliding Hatches provide secure roof and floor level evacuation for prominent and mission critical buildings, safe rooms, control rooms, executive offices and anywhere the highest level of protection is important.

Ross Technology has manufactured escape hatches for many prominent and secure buildings. Our customers include some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You will find our products in a broad range of industries including:

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Technical Data

The qualities of Ross Maximum Security Sliding Hatches go beyond their ability to provide emergency egress. Structural steel T-frames and panels supply exceptional strength for the ultimate in security and durability. The single point latch with integral handle and heavy-duty rollers extend true ease of operation through years of maintenance free service.

The standard sliding hatch frame size is 11.25” deep x 30”wide x 59” long (286mm x 762mm x 1499mm) with a clear opening size of 26.5” x 26.75” (673mm x 679mm). Secondary ballistic stops are not required.

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