Steel Security Doors: DOS 5/15 Minute FE/BR

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DOS Certified High Security Threat Protection Engineered for Long Term Durability

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High Security Steel Doors offer DOS certified protection against mob-level forced-entry attacks and rifle-level ballistic threats in a structural steel, pre-hung assembly engineered for long term durability. With numerous configurations, materials and hardware options available, these doors are highly adaptable to a wide spectrum of uses and architectural designs. Ross FE/BR doors are manufactured with true craftsmanship as evidenced by their beautiful appearance, ease of operation and decades of maintenance-free service.


Design Features

Tested to Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended), Ross High Security Steel Doors combine DOS certified ballistic and forced-entry resistance with advanced materials and finishes to provide elevated threat protection and striking contemporary appeal. The “05” models are tested to withstand simulated ”mob” attack for 5 minutes. The “15R” models are tested to withstand 15 minutes of simulated “mob” attack and are also resistant to 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855 and 7.62 M80 ballistic rounds.

Fabricated as a complete system, typical construction includes a structural steel door leaf and frame, laminated/insulated glazing, glazing stops, ballistic protection bars, interior/exterior trim, door hardware (locks, hinges, closers, sensors) and a plate or tube-type sub-frame. Doors are available in single or double leaf swing models and can be configured with opaque panels or half-vision, full-vision or double-vision glazing. Optional transom and side lites are also available. The standard 2-1/4” thick door leaf allows for the integration of virtually any type or style of hardware. Ross High Security Doors offer architects and end users:

  • Anti-Terrorism Level Security – where conformance to U.S. Department of State forced-entry / ballistic resistant threat levels is required
  • Architectural Appeal – the formed, reinforced steel frame provides the look of a commercial hollow metal door and complements modern architectural design
  • Design Flexibility – numerous cladding and trim options offer the ability to complement other building materials
  • Ease of Operation – the use of high quality hinges results in very low pull forces
  • Durability – structural steel materials and high-quality hardware provide extreme durability and low maintenance throughout the life cycle

In addition to engineering the full door and sub-frame system, Ross has the unique ability to customize styles and finishes, providing architects and engineers with a wide range of flexibility in creating or preserving the aesthetics of new and existing structures.


High Security Doors safeguard mission critical buildings, guard houses, control rooms, executive offices and anywhere the highest level of protection, aesthetics, and durability are important considerations.

Ross Technology has manufactured thousands of door systems. Our customers include some of the largest government agencies, general contractors, integrators and corporations in the world. You will find our products in a broad range of industries including:

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Technical Data

The appeal of Ross High Security Doors goes far beyond their architectural claddings, premium finishes and stylish hardware packages. Structural steel door leaves and formed frames supply exceptional strength for the utmost in security and durability. Polished stainless steel hinges with heavy-duty bearings provide ease of operation and years of trouble free service. Doors require approximately 1 pound of pull without closer (5 pounds with closer) and have been tested to 1.5 million cycle endurance with virtually no hinge wear.

Both single and double leaf styles are pre-hung and factory glazed to simplify installation in the field. Lock options include manually thrown forced entry locks or an automatically-locking multi-point system.

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