Engineering Right from the Start

Engineering has played a significant role in defining success at Ross Technology for more than five decades and remains at the very core of what drives us going forward. It simplifies our manufacturing processes, refines product quality and most importantly, advances new technology aimed at protecting people and property.

Similarly, engineering provides a critical foundation to the successful design and installation of high security fenestration products in prominent and mission critical buildings, especially when faced with combined threat requirements.

Ross works alongside architects and security consultants early in the design phase to provide vital support in the development of accurate specifications, drawings and designs that meet the latest industry testing standards, integrate with adjacent construction materials and satisfy targets for creativity and sustainability.

Engineering Right From the Start

Comprehensive Design & Support

With over 30 years of experience in physical security, Ross offers the design and construction community a great deal of knowledge. Our resume includes hundreds of US Embassies, Consulates and a multitude of international government and commercial projects on six different continents. In addition, Ross has held the US Department of State’s Government Provided Equipment (GPE) contract for FE/BR windows since 2005.

As such, we have a strong understanding of the diverse industry standards used to establish security threat levels and product certification requirements. Ross offers architects and engineers extensive support for key project design elements such as engineering for combined threats, integration with adjoining construction materials and customization for non-standard shapes, sizes and finishes.

Architectural Security Services

Commprehensive Design Support

Proven Anti-Terrorism Protection

Because domestic and international security risks continue to escalate at an alarming rate, an increasingly greater number of private and government organizations have begun to incorporate higher levels of protection into their physical security plans.

Ross specializes in the design and manufacturing of fenestration products that resist terrorism and mob-level attacks, such as those carried out against U.S. properties in the Middle East and Africa. In fact, our products have been proven to resist these types of attacks, not only in independent laboratory testing, but also where it truly counts– in the field. Ross Architectural Security products are engineered, tested and certified to the following performance standards: U.S. Department of State (DOS) SD-STD-01.01 rev G (Amended); UL 752; NIJ 0108.01. We also provide specialized ballistic testing to meet project specific requirements and work with professional blast consultants to supply engineered blast-load levels from 20 psi to 40 psi / 300 psi-ms and beyond.

Architectural Security Industry Standards

Proven Anti-terrorism Protection

Progressive Design

Progressive Design is an ever-evolving pursuit at Ross in which we strive to collaborate with owners, architects and contractors to thoughtfully integrate conventional FE/BR and blast- resistant fenestration products into project designs while meeting their requirements for beauty, functionality and environmental stewardship. Ross is skilled in creating unique product designs that accomplish these mainstay architectural principles, while staying within the bounds of the products’ tested conditions and materials. Examples include:

  • All-aluminum FE/BR window with a proprietary high strength thermal break
  • Coatings and films for thermal, obscuration, EMI/RF shielding and aesthetic considerations
  • Unique, non-standard sizes and shapes, such as arched and trapezoidal windows
  • A wide variety of trim styles and finishes including architectural metal cladding, wood veneer and custom powder coating to provide the look of “subtle strength”
  • Hardware options that entail a broad range of packages including electromechanical locking devices, combination locks, and pneumatic operators
Progressive Design

ISO 9001

Because our products are entrusted to protect mission-critical facilities and their occupants, Ross goes to great lengths to deliver high quality products including:

  • Our ISO 9001:2015 certification assures that we adhere to the world’s most exacting standards for quality manufacturing, and that quality is consistently improved upon
  • Many processes relating to aluminum and steel fabrication (including the associated trim and powder coating) are completed in-house for maximum control over quality and lead times
  • Prior to shipping, Ross performs Factory Acceptance Testing where:
    • Each door is fully assembled and carefully tested to confirm the selected hardware functions properly and the door leaf aligns correctly in the specified opening
    • All products are inspected and carefully checked to confirm dimensional accuracy and compliance with Ross manufacturing standards
  • Products are packaged to comply with international shipping regulations and minimize product damage. Packaging includes custom wood crating designed for sea or air freight and tip-n-tell / drop-n-tell tags that indicate improper handling. All products and hardware are photographed in their original packaging to verify condition and confirm shipment
ISO 9001 Quality